Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lack of Posts Does Not Equal Lack of Writing

Yes, I'm still writing and attempting to meet my goal of completing the rough draft by month's end. Is it going to happen? I have no clue!! I'm just writing when I write, thinking when I think, and hoping when I hope that I'll meet my goal. Will the world end if I don't? No. I just do the best I can with a life that - sometimes - becomes so overwhelming that writing just doesn't happen.

Currently, I am working on Chapter Eight. I'm on vacation the next few days, so hopefully - if the creek doesn't rise - I will have ample time to write. If I finish, I finish, if I don't . . . well, I'm close, and sometimes close is good enough.

Okay, back to my writing. I'll update this post later today.

  • Finished Chapter Eight
  • Words So Far = 51,000 +

I find an amusing sense of irony in the fact that the chapter I just completed takes place in October on Halloween night. Could I have timed things any better? I mean, we're in October, and Halloween (the Gay New Year, just in case any one was wondering) is only two days away?

I just love Halloween, btw. If you ever have a chance, go to a gay bar whenever they have a Halloween event. Fun beyond belief. I must say that my people do Halloween the best - costume wise at least.


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