Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quick Update

Last night was Wednesday night which meant Pushing Daisies and Project Runway. Last night was also cook dinner for my loving partner night. Okay, a little bit of smarm there, but I'm allowed. It is my blog after all. The only problem with cook dinner for my loving partner night was the recipe was not a quick cook recipe. My beloved partner had to eat leftover lasagna instead. The stew I made last night was not ready until well after he left for week. The stew, btw, was out of this world. I'm just saying . . . Since it was Wednesday night TV, and I absolutely had to see the finale of Project Runway, I did not write. I do that every now and then. I step away from the laptop and let the brain veg out for a night of tv watching. It helps the creative process. I swear, it really does. No, it's not the Bailey's (I wish) in my coffee this morning. Seriously folks, no Bailey's in my coffee.

I plan to get back on track with the writing tonight. Did I mention I'm also attempting to read two books at the same time? If not, I am. A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire is absolutely brilliant so far. I'm about five chapters into the book right now. Brilliant! Did I mention it was brilliant? The man is an absolute genius.

Tonight's agenda: exercise, dinner, walk the boyz (Jessee & James), bid my loving partner good-bye and safe journey to/from work, and, finally, sit down and write.

Jesse & James

Poor Jesse, James is always smacking him down.

Just a note: the creative juices flow even when I'm not writing. Sometimes, the best writing is done solely in my mind as I consider, discard, reconsider, discard again, totally annihilate, start from scratch, and just do my thang as I consider where I've been and where I'm going with the current project.

7:42 PM - Update

Dinner is cooked, dishes cleaned, and the boyz have been on their walk. I have also read some in both of the books I am currently reading. Exercise did not and will not happen tonight. I did write. Whoo-hoo!!! I decided that what I thought was working on this current project, really wasn't working, so now I'm doing some really creative editing, and adding a section to each chapter. The one perspective novel just gained another perspective. Yes, I know, many agents hate novels with more than one perspective. Here's why I like them: no two people see the same situation in the same way. I find it more interesting to see events through multiple (2 in this instance) viewpoints than in one. So, two perspectives it is.

What I did in writing today:

  • Revamped the concept of the current project
  • Wrote the 2nd section for Chapter One
  • Revised the 1st section for Chapter One
  • Completed Chapter One
  • Total Words So Far = 27,848

Even with the revised concept, the basics of what I've already written - situations/conversations - will remain pretty much the same. A little tweaking here and there is all that is necessary, plus the 2nd section to each chapter already written. I'm still on schedule for my 50,000 word rough draft goal. Take care.


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