Sunday, October 5, 2008

What I Did This Weekend

I played catch up this weekend. I'm behind in my goal by about 2,000 words. It's only going to get worse next week when I head to Savannah, GA for a few days. Such is life. I do what I can do, when I can do it. At this point, here are where things stand:
  • Up to Chapter Eleven - completed
  • Chapter Twelve - started and almost finished
  • Total Words So Far = 20,601

Life is good. The words still flow, the ideas form in my brain, and - luckily - come out easily. Will I finish by my set deadline? Yes. This is the rough draft, my friends, and is only one step in the writing process. Life has a nasty habit of interfering, when you least want it to. Balance. Everything is about balance. I must balance life with art. Life is sometimes heavier and demands more of me. Art must sometimes suffer a setback or two. In the end, balance returns and life and art are in harmony.


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