Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sometimes I Freak Myself Out When I Write

Sometimes, I freak myself out when I write. Okay, not really freak, but maybe semi-freak. Why? Well, as everyone - the 1 or 2 people - that reads this blog knows, I have begun a revamp of the current writing project. Things just weren't working. Hate it when that happens. So, I took a look at the current Chapter 4 to see what I needed to do to finish it up in the revamp process. Amazingly enough, I had ended the 2nd section just perfectly to insert the 3rd section. Fraktastic (in the realm of Battlestar Galatica)! I couldn't have ended the section any more perfectly. The perfect setup, my friends.

Now, did I have a moment of precognition when initially writing Section 2? Did I somehow know, deep in the dark places of my mind where even I don't dare to tread, that I would add the 3rd section? I have no clue. All I know is that I did what I did, and it worked. That is what sometimes amazes me about my writing. Things just seem to fall in place - sometimes - without any apparent effort on my part. There are other times when that does not happen. I'm just grateful for the things that work, when they work, and figure out the rough times are some sort of life lesson.

The current stats on the project:
  • Revamp of Chapter 3 - complete
  • Will start Revamp of Chapter 4 tonight, after I watch Pushing Daisies
  • Total Words So Far = 35,000 + words

On another note, I have come to the conclusion that it will take more than 30 days - most likely - to finish the rough draft of this project. I plan on writing a lot this weekend, but the way my weekend is plotted (get it, plotted . . . sorry) out socially, it's going to be tough. Don't hate me because I'm popular. Okay, I'm not really popular, this is just a busy weekend coming up.

Last, I started reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire last name. Have I mentioned that I absolutely love that book. Shear genius. I don't know why it has taken me so many years to read the book again. I'm an avid re-reader of books. Why? In my opinion, a great book cannot be truly appreciated in only one reading. I have read the entire Lord of the Rings series about twenty times. Yes, twenty times. I used to read the series - Hobbit through The Return of the King - once a year. I haven't read it in many years, though I have watched the movies a number of times. No, watching the movies is not the same thing, but it does in a pinch. Perhaps once I finish Wicked I'll pick up LOTR and start reading again.


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