Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Day After Halloween

Boo! Last night was terrific. There's nothing better than a gay bar on Halloween. The costumes were great. The music - fantastic as always. Burger King was even there. Let me tell you, those commercials are freaky enough, let alone running into Burger King in the gay bar. He kept staring at people all night long. He even stood with my friends and me for a time, disappeared, stared at us, came back, danced a little, went away, and finally came back to reveal the face beneath the mask. A very good friend of mine who repeatedly told me I just don't feel like going out this year, I'm going to stay at home. Liar! Okay, it was a good lie and he freaked all of us, and most of the other people in the bar out by just staring at them. Still, a good time was had by all. The best costume of all, in my opinion, was two women wearing red shirts that had the word Revlon (as in the make-up) on the front and they both wore funny red, slanted hats. I could not figure out their costumes . . . at first. I kept staring at them, at the familiar looking red hats, and, then - a moment of inspiration - I began to laugh. The red hats were lipstick - bright red as it comes out of a lipstick tube. The women were . . . lipstick lesbians. Too dang clever!

Well, now that I've told you about last night. I'm two chapters away from completing the rough draft. I hope to complete Chapter Eleven today, and Chapter Twelve tomorrow. With my 3 day vacation taken into account, I'm still on schedule for the rough draft being complete in a month. It's been a rough road some days. I've changed a lot from the original concept. I'm still changing things as I write. I've been experimenting with the voice yesterday and today. I want a familiarity, a comfort level, with the voice. It is an experiment. It may or may not work. The editing process will be the true test of the workability of my voice experiment.

At this point:
  • Chapter Eight - completed
  • Chapter Nine - completed
  • Chapter Ten - completed
  • Chapter Eleven - started
  • Total Words - almost at 50,00

I'm off to take a nap right now. My beloved partner thought it very amusing to open all the blinds this morning and let me know he was going to take the boyz for their walk. I was not amused. I did get up, however, and stumble to the kitchen for a much needed cup of coffee. I've worked quite a bit on my writing this morning. I'm now going to nap.


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