Sunday, November 2, 2008


Need I say more? Of course not, but I will. I spent the day completing the rough draft of my latest writing endeavor. I have - technically - done so in month (which was my goal) if I take into account my vacation. Yes, I'm taking into account my vacation. I'm finished, done, finito. The project now gets to sit and rest for a while. I always take a break before I begin the read-through/editing process. It's what works for me.

What I did today:
  • Finished Chapter Eleven
  • Started/Finished Chapter Twelve
  • Finished the Rough Draft
  • Total Words = 56,520
  • Total Days of Writing on the Rough Draft = approximately 28.

So, I've finished the rough and now I go back to the editing of another project. I've done the read through of the rough draft and need to input the changes into the computer. I'll then do another read through/edit, make the changes, do another, make the changes, and the process goes on until I feel the manuscript is ready for the inevitably painful agent search. I want to find all the little mistakes - wrong words, wrong names, wrong whatever - before I even think about querying an agent. There's nothing that irritates me - well, there are a lot of things, but it just sounded right - more than finding mistakes (wrong words, wrong names, wrong whatever) when reading a book. Mistakes like that should not happen. Somebody should have caught them. Since it is obvious that somebody is not doing their job; it's up to me.

On that note, I need to make a salad for dinner. I was quite industrious in the kitchen today, not to mention I also washed my car. I put beef stew in one crock pot early this morning, spaghetti sauce in another, and I made a pumpkin pie. I like to cook at least two meals on Sunday so there are plenty of leftovers during the week, which means I don't have to cook every night, which means more time for writing. It is all about me after all. I'm just saying . . .


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