Wednesday, August 5, 2009

RiP Wednesday . . . and Things

I'm back in revision mode, with an urge to do some new writing as well. Who knew that taking a week off from writing could rejuvenate my motivation thingy??? Well, it did, and I'm back in the swing of things. I'm still plugging along at the whole eliminate a gazillion word thingy. I'm making progress. Slow, inexorable, progress. This too will pass. Yeah, Frank said that about the kidney stone, but it was excruciatingly painful . . . and he's not a good patient, not at all. Then again, it might be that I'm not a good nurse. I mean, so what if quit your whining is my catchphrase when I'm in nurse mode. : ) Seriously, I'm not that bad, really, I'm not. Anyhow, I keep revising, and have little tidbits of ideas jumping around in my brain regarding other projects. If I'm not careful, my brain just might explode.

Cream Cheese! WTH, has Scott lost what little he had left of his mind??? No, I just want to let you know that the secret to giving a cat a pill is to encase it in cream cheese. The pill then becomes a delectable little treat that the cat greedily eats up without a clue that they are taking their medicine. Oh, the joys of cream cheese. Somebody needs to do an ode to cream cheese. I'm just saying.

I discovered something about myself over the last few days, thanks of course to Lady Glamis. The devastating news I discovered: I'm a closet outliner. Yes, I outline . . . in a haphazard, chaotic manner, that might send serious outliners to the nearest psychiatric facility. Check out her post and the comments section.

You see, I get an idea for a story, maybe a character or two, and I start writing. I normally know the end of the story, just not all the details from beginning, middle to end. I don't plot out that this is going to happen in Chapter One, that is going to happen in Chapter Four, and big event is going to happen in Chapter Twelve. I just write. Now, before serious outliners throughout the Universe have a collective fit . . . I do jot down notes as I go along. Such as . . .

. . . Character A needs to confront mother about deep, dark family secret that has totally ruined his life.
. . . Character B needs to encounter biological father at cemetery.
. . . dinner party scene.
. . . massive, blowout white trash party scene.
. . . big realization about Character C.

So, I make notes, sometimes I write those scenes out of sequence if inspiration is slapping me on the back of the head, and then just insert them willy-nilly as I see fit.

So, I outline. Please don't shoot me. I don't think I'll ever outline with the tenacity of certain other people (notice I'm not mentioning any names), but in my own chaotic way, I do an outline sort of thingy!

Have a great day.


ElanaJ said...

From cream cheese to closet outliner...Scott you amaze me. In a good way. :)

Angie Ledbetter said...

Whatever works is good. (With writing...not so much with furballs. *cough*)

Lady Glamis said...

Scott, please don't fret! You ARE outlining just FINE! In fact, your outlining sounds like it's in the more In-Depth end of the pool, as I explain in my Part II

Outlining that focuses on character development is pretty in-depth to me - no matter how you go about it!

OUTLINE doesn't ALWAYS mean you map out what's going to happen. It encompasses a lot of things. If you take a close look at the methods I have in that Part II post (please give it a try!), you'll start to see that you don't have to map out EVERYthing that happens. You're just showing the direction most of the time.

My advice to you - at least try one of the methods. If you do, you might start to see things you never saw before... promise.

I'm not trying to push you into anything! I'm just offering my advice, which might be wortha grain of salt. :D

Scott said...

Elana - I'm glad I amaze at least someone! : )

Angie - have I mentioned the 2AM furballs?? Oh, the joy, the joy of hearing Tasmyn hacking up a furball at 2AM. It's almost as joyful as not hearing her and then stepping on the hairball . . . in barefeet. Eeeeww!

Lady Glamis - you know I'm just seriously teasing you with my comments. I really was shattered to realize I was a closet outliner! ; ) I did read your post today. Boy, have you got the outlining thingy down pat. I'm impressed.


B.J. Anderson said...

My cat's favorite pill disguise is tuna mixed with an egg, but cream cheese sounds like it would stick a bit better. Hmmmm. I may have to try that! Great post!

Rebecca Knight said...

Scott, you are too funny! That sounds exactly like my outlining process ;). You're one of us now!

Also, great idea about the cream cheese! Will keep that in mind. I've been bitten many a time while trying to administer kitty pills.

Tess said...

okay, I can't stop laughing from your line..."rejuvinate my motivation thingy"

it's funny.

And, I have to agree with you. Not a fan of the monkey-pet-thing either.