Monday, August 17, 2009

Revision Help

No, I'm not asking for help on my revisions, but I couldn't think of a better title. It's Monday, after all, and my brain is still in weekend mode, i.e., it's not used to thinking!

Rachelle Gardner had a great post about tightening up your manuscript. Go check it out. She provides some great advice that should really help me, and everybody else when it comes to that dreadful moment in time when words need to be eliminated from a manuscript.

As any reader of this blog knows, I've been slowly working through my manuscript eliminating words here, there, and everywhere. It's a slow process. I'm truly amazed at how much excess crap . . . I mean words . . . I had in my manuscript.

Now, were the words totally unnecessary? Well, no, but, removing them hasn't hurt the integrity of the manuscript. In fact, removing them has tightened the manuscript and made it a bit more streamlined.

So, check out Rachelle's post and start streamlining your manuscript.


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Marybeth Poppins said...

Congrats! I had to do this too. As an adjective lover...this was kinda difficult. But I made it through :)

Can't wait to hear what your final word count ends up being...and um...if you want to send some of those words towards my MS which is in need of a couple chapter removals..that's be GREAATTTT