Thursday, April 30, 2009

We Need Each Other . . .

I’ve been thinking a lot about all the blogging I’ve been doing lately, and the increasing number of blogs I follow. I finally – while attempting to go to sleep last night – realized why I blog, and follow so many blogs: because I need the support/feedback from my peers, as I guess do my fellow writer bloggers. Basically, we need each other . . .

. . . because no one else understands what we (writers) go through. Who else can understand . . .

  • The excitement and obsession of the creative process
  • The joy of fingers flying across the keyboard when the words are really flowing or the scritch-scritch-scratch of pen to paper
  • The frustration when the words suddenly stop
  • The revisions/editing
  • The angst of knowing when a project is done enough to begin the query process
  • The angst of the query process
  • The angst of trying to figure out which genre (commercial, literary, chick lit, fantasy, sci-fi, urban fantasy, paranormal, romance, gay lit, or whatever) defines our book.
  • The struggle between what is or isn’t literary fiction
  • The . . . well, the list could go on endlessly

We need our gazillion blogs by our fellow writers. We need the knowledge of each writer so we can become better writers. We need the comments – pats on the back, honesty, brutality, the highs and lows. We need the thoughts of our peers to help balance our lives and let us know that this – often – frustrating dream is really worthwhile in the end.

Ultimately, we need the knowledge that we are not alone.

I know, by both my followers and the comments I receive, that I am not alone in this. There are others our there! We will persevere, we will survive, and we will succeed. Such is life.


p.s. there really was only supposed to be one post, then I saw the news about the new agent, and just had to share. : )


Lady Glamis said...

Oh, sooooo true! We do need each other. That is definitely why I blog and follow so many others.

Thanks for the info on the new agency!

Litgirl01 said...

Very true! My SOLE reason for blogging! :-)