Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Three Sisters of the Order of Maintaining Sanity

It's been a crazy week and the snark, at least on my part, has been flowing greatly. Somewhere in all the snark, in comments back and forth between my sisters and I, I made the following comment: Life is an adventure made more pleasurable by Merlot and Cabernet and Margarita - the Three Sisters of the Order of Maintaining Sanity. Well, things sort of spiraled more out of control to this point . . .

In the beginning, the Order of Maintaining Sanity was comprised of Sister Merlot, Sister Cabernet, and Sister Chardonnay. Life was good for the Three Sisters as they attended their respective vineyards and maintained the sanity of people worldwide. Life never remains good forever. Soon, rumors began to spread that Sister Chardonnay was not as pure as she implied. Sister Margarita - a visiting Sister from Tequilaville - soon announced that she caught Sister Chardonnay and Father Zinfandel doing more than stomping grapes in the vineyard. It soon came to light that Sister Chardonnay gave birth to . . . White Zinfandel. Oh, the scandal, the scandal. Both Zinfandel and Chardonnay were booted out and Sister Margarita became a permanent member of the Order of Maintaining Sanity.

Enter the young novitiate Sambuca who is under close scrutiny by the Three Sisters, Margarita especially. Sister Margarita (not actually a product of the vineyard) is worried about her position in the Sisterhood. There have been claims by exiled Chardonnay that she was set up in the nasty struggle for power that left Margarita in charge of the Sisterhood.

Sister Margarita is maintaining her innocence hoping that the worm does not turn against her.

Only time will tell who remains in charge of the Three Sisters of the Order of Maintaining Sanity.

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