Thursday, April 23, 2009

Inspiration . . .

. . . is so frakkin' inconvenient at times. Say what? Please, let me explain. I live a very complicated life: partner of 15 years who works nights, two dogs, and two cats. My partner normally gets home anywhere between 3 and 6 AM. Yes, AM. My cat Squeaky (a stray I rescued 7 years ago) can somehow sense when I'm on the verge of being half-awake. She tromps across the bed, sits on my chest, and then will bite (yes, bite, love bite or not, it hurts) on my ear. The boyz normally wake up at 3 AM as well. So, no long nights of uninterrupted sleep for me.

This morning, 3AM, my ear has been bitten, I've hauled myself out of bed to feed and let the boyz (Jesse & James) out, and then I'm back in bed snuggled beneath the covers and - BAM, Emeril size - I get the inspiration for this post. I start thinking about how inspiration normally arrives (at least for me) in the most inconvenient of moments - driving down the road, while I'm comfy in bed, in the shower, and in so many other places where a pen and paper just aren't the most handiest of items to have. Yes, I keep a notebook by the bed, but that's only one location of many where inspiration strikes.

Why, does it (inspiration, just in case you're lost and confused) strike when it's not convenient? Why can't it strike when I'm sitting in front of the laptop with my fingers poised expectantly over the keys? Why can't it strike when I'm not driving down the road or in a restaurant full of people (eating dinner, not because I was so discombobulated by the inspiration that I drove through the plate glass window of the restaurant)? Is inspiration actually some pesky entity that waits expectantly for an inconvenient moment and then - BAM, Emeril style - there it is, laughing hysterically as the objects of its intent curse in drama queen fashion???

Yes, I truly think inspiration has a wicked cruel mind of its own. If not, then I'm at a loss for why inspiration (consistently, I might add) strikes when there is no pen or paper close at hand. My mind is not what it once was. I sometimes forget why I stood up from my desk. Heck, if I didn't wear a name tag, I probably wouldn't know my name most days. Kidding, we don't wear name tags at work. I answer to just about anything, just to be on the safe side. Kidding again.

So, where does inspiration strike you? Do you find it annoying? Do you always remember the inspired moments? You see, that is my problem. I get these great bursts of inspiration, no pen or paper at hand, no talking on the cell while driving (personal safety rule, not law in TN, at least not yet), and I can't remember the full burst of inspiration by the time I get to where I'm going. You just can't imagine the great passages I've written in my mind that never make it to paper. SIGH!

And that, dear people, is my early post for the day. I swear hear the snickers of Inspiration (yes, I capitalized, and I have a sneaky suspicion that Inspiration might be female - I could be wrong on that one) drifting across the cool morning air. She's a capricious entity, with a wicked sense of humor.



KLo said...

If inspiration showed up when you wanted it (her :-)) to, it wouldn't be inspiration ... it would be way too easy to take it for granted, and complacency would more than likely follow.

Of course, I say that now ... the nights I spend up until dawn typing feverishly, I'd agree with you wholeheartedly and curse inspiration (which I would no doubt believe to be a man :-)) the whole time.

Good luck : )

Scott said...

Man or Woman, Inspiration needs to work with me just a bit! : )

Lady Glamis said...

I always get inspiration when I'm falling asleep. I used to write stuff down, and then when I realized that my thoughts were never very good, I just let the inspiration seep in and stick. If it sticks until I'm awake, I know it's worth keeping. :)

Scott said...

Lady Glamis - sometimes I can remember the inspiration, other times I can't. Sometimes its the kernal of Inspiration that's important. Trust me, when jotting notes at stoplights, I don't always have time for full sentences, so I just write down key words and hope I can put them together into coherency when I get home. :)

Tess said...

I'm cracking up over your cat - too funny!

Inspriation almost always shows up (for me) on the verge of consciousness..waking up or falling asleep. When I'm in the middle of writing something big (like a first draft push) I often have a crazy sleep schedule, but it works.

I have a friend who keeps an oil pencil tied to a string in her shower so she can write down flashes of inspriation on the shower wall. True story and not a bad idea.

Hope you get a nap!

Scott said...

I'll have to remember the oil pencil thing. It'd definitely come in handy.

As for Squeaky . . . she's a trip. I always tell her if I knew what she was going to be like, I never would have rescued her. I'm always kidding, of course. She makes me laugh.

SJDuvall said...

Hey, hopped over here from Charlie's blog. I'd say, most days (because lately I've been really busy), inspiration strikes me at work at a time when I couldn't possibly write it down. I try to repeat it in my head, but then a customer calls or I have to talk to someone and it flutters away. But when I get inspiration other places (like, say my shower), I can usually hold onto it long enough to write it down after. And some days I find I just take a shower because I'm hoping for inspiration.

I think it's kinda like going for a jog. It clears my mind. There isn't much to look at or read or distract me in the shower...and sometimes that's the key to really focusing on what I want to write or plan next...