Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Agent

According to Janet Reid there is a new agent currently looking for clients. The basics:

Donna Bagdasarian established Priot Entertainment Group after 11 years working in the publishing industry as a literary agent.
The company is a literary management company, representing their authors in all processes of the entertainment trajectory: from book development, to book sales, to subsidiary sales in the foreign market, television and film. Priot Group represents both fiction and nonfiction with special interest in general fiction/mainstream, literary fiction, mystery and suspense, thrillers, historicals, contemporary women’s fiction, biography and memoir, history, business, finance, psychology, and popular science.

The submission guidelines are here:



Lady Glamis said...

Agent, not agency. Whoops. :D

Scott said...

In my defense, I hadn't finished my Starbucks yet!!

Thanks for pointing out my semi-typo. Note to self: finish Starbucks or caffienated beverage of choice before hitting 'publish'. : )


Litgirl01 said...

Woo hoo!!! More agents! YAY!! :-) Hey...the weekend is HERE for me. Tomorrow...Margarita!

Scott said...

LitGirl01 - 7:30 Central Time Friday night, I'll raise my margarita in a toast to writers!