Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm not a big contest person. I just don't have the time. Okay, I don't make the time. Heck, 98% of the time I don't know about contests because I lead a very sheltered life. I follow a handful of blogs. I should follow more. I really, seriously, don't have the time. Yes, I know, that's a very lame excuse, but it's my excuse, and I'm holding onto it for dear life.

The point is: I found time this weekend. I discovered two contests and entered them both. Woo-hoo!

Will I win? Will everlasting glory finally find me? Will I be raising a toast with Sister Cabernet in the near future to my new found success? Will I be raising a toast anyhow? Uh, that would be a YEAH to the last question. Sister Cabernet (for the most part, except for Friday nights, is my friend - Sister Margarita is my friend on Friday nights). She's always there waiting for me at the end of the day. I pour my glass and then, over the course of the next few hours, slowly imbibe. Yes, hours, people, it takes me hours to drink a glass of wine. I'm easily sidetracked. I get immersed in a book or my writing and forget about Sister Cabernet. I go and bond with the boyz (Jesse and James) and no drinks of any type are allowed because they are rambunctious rascals and I have, unfortunately, born the stains of their frolicking. It took a few stains for me to learn my lesson. So, it takes me a while to finish a glass of wine.

As to the other questions, I hope the answer is YES to all the questions.

The main point (yes, there is one, it's still early and the caffeine has not kicked in yet) of this post is: find time for contests. Use the blogsphere and hunt and hunt and hunt, and then hunt so more. Make the time - 15 minutes, maybe some more, maybe some less. I just happened to luck onto both of the contests. It happens. Sometimes, luck is noticeable. This was one of those times.

BTW - I'm on Book 12 of the Stephanie Plum series. Janet makes me laugh. Heck, sometimes she makes me laugh so hard I cry. I wish I had just a smidge of her talent with humor. The woman should be a stand up comic. Now, if I was reading her books on my Kindle, I could do the whole highlight thing and have a whole file of JE Funnies. Since I'm not reading them on my Kindle (sorry, a friend has loaned me the entire series), I just have to write them down as I come across them. Sigh! Still, humor in any shape or form is a good thang!

"Holy Mary Mother of God, you were being chased by Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, and a rabbit". That line still makes me laugh out loud.


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