Monday, May 4, 2009

This Week

My posts and comments will - probably - be greatly diminished this week. I head out of town tomorrow for a work (the work that pays my bills so I can follow my writing dream) conference and will have limited time to blog, comment, or even write for that matter.

Never fear, I'll drop in on all the blogs I can, and comment as I have time. I might even generate a post or twelve. You just never know with me. If you don't see my comments popping up, it is just that life is too crazy this week. Take care.



Litgirl01 said...

Oh no!!! :-( Your comments and posts make me laugh (cheer me up)! Well, I'll be glad to see ya back. Have fun! :-)

Lady Glamis said...

Understood! Sometimes a break from blogs and commenting is definitely needed, and necessary because of work. :)

Davin Malasarn said...

Thanks for the warning, Scott! Hope your business trip is a good one.

Robyn said...

Have a wonderful, productive business trip! I'll miss ya, you snarky thing you! :)

James Oh said...

Have a safety journey. I do understand your position and do take this opportunity to re-charge your battery.

Have a lovely day,