Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

Okay, obviously I've been left out of the loop . . . again. Who knew there was such a thing as Teaser Tuesday. I sure as heck didn't, but both Tess and Elana did. Thanks guys, for sharing this valuable information . . . okay, that was a bit snarky, and I'm only kidding.

So, in the spirt of Teaser Tuesday . . .

“It’s a mockery.” Antonio stood facing the tomstone, his hands clenched into fists.

“It’s a reminder.” Jared spoke the words softly.

Antonio looked at him, one brow arched slightly. “A reminder? Of what? My idiocy? My affair? The lie my . . .” he stopped. Some words could not be spoken.

“Was told, so very long ago, and kept secret, until a wicked witch decided to play a wicked game.” He grinned slightly. “The witch told the truth to a man who did not want to know that truth. She stripped everything from him – belief in his mother, belief in the truth, and even his free-will. She knew what he would do for love. She wasn't wrong. He bowed to her demands. He gave in, time and again. He swore, to the greater powers in the Universe, that he wouldn't care, and that he would walk away, at the end of the year, without a second thought. His friends and his mother warned him that he loved too hard and got hurt too easily. He didn't listen. They were right. Still, he persisted and protected the unforgivable lie, the truth that could never, never, never come out for fear it would destroy the two people he loved most in this life. He would suffer what he must suffer, to protect them and . . .,” he shrugged, “perhaps to protect himself.” He paused and slowly exhaled. “The truth, it doesn't matter. It isn't what happened yesterday, or almost thirty-three years ago, but rather what happens today. Do we let the past rule our lives, or do we move forward, moment by moment, to tomorrow? Do we let the lost child remain forever dead, the circumstances of his death forever held secret, and let the child who lived keep on living?” He looked at the grave. “I am not the lost child, Antonio, and I never will be. I am, for better or worse, Jacob Marcus Cavanaugh. And, at least according to my lover, I’m a damn fine person.” He laughed softly and looked back at Antonio’s face and his pain ravaged eyes.

Antonio nodded his head slightly. “Does justice and punishment not exist? Doesn’t somebody always pay the price?”

“Too many somebodys have already paid the price.”

The above conversation takes place towards the end of the project I'm currently editing. I'm only in first draft phase, so there's lots of work to go.

Happy Teaser Tuesday!



Tess said...

oooh, you are good at dialogue :)

Tess said...

Scott - I just read the comment you left on my tombstone contest entry. Must. Stop. Laughing. Thanks, I needed that! Sorry you missed it and sorry it wasn't judged - that was a winner.

ElanaJ said...

Awesome teaser! Woot!

Robyn said...

You rock, my friend! No wonder you love writing dialogue, you KNOW how to write it!

Maybe you'll write a book on it sometime? :)