Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Friday Things (Updated)

I had this big, huge, brilliant blog post all planned out for this morning. My little mind was feverishly working last night as I lay in bed and tried (that being the key word) to go to sleep. Why couldn't I sleep? Did you miss the part about my mind feverishly working?

Well, the road to a very hot place is paved with good intentions. I tossed out my brilliance - well, I think it snuck away at the crack of dawn, I'm really not sure at this point - and decided on a different route for the blog.

I'm going to share some of the brilliance on the blogsphere with you this morning. Yeah, it's a bit lazy on my part. It's Friday. The sun is shining, the grass is glistening with dew, and the birds are chirping up a symphony. Did I mention it's margarita night? So, without further delay, you might want to drop in on Tess, LitGirl01, Alex, or Rachelle, and KT Literary. Then, if you have time you can stop in and see the other Scott, or Michelle, and there's always The Literary Lab and Lady Glamis, not to mention a ton of other blogs - just click on any of the pics in the Followers widget, and a wealth of brilliance is waiting for you.

Okay, check out Lynn Behler's blog here - she offers a list of what she looks for when she receives a submission.

Have a great Friday. I promise, the brilliant post that should have been here this morning will arrive, but probably not until later this weekend or first of next week.


p.s. Tess did do an absolutely brilliant post. I'm just saying . . . (so he wrote with a grin and a wink).


The Writers Canvas said...

Did your blog disappear while you slept too? That happens to me all the time. I'll be awake, my brain working--only to come downstairs in the morning to...brain mush.

Like the blog links; I'll have to check them out.


Scott said...

Elaine - no, the didn't disappear while I slept, though that has happened a time or two. The blog's still rambling around in my mind right now. : )


Davin Malasarn said...

Sorry, I've been distracted ever since I got to the part about the Margaritas. I'm glad it's Friday!

Scott said...

Davin - thoughts of margaritas distract me too. : ) They also inspire me since they were the basis of my current out to query process. ; )

Lady Glamis said...

Great links you've got there! I'm sure the Margarita will help you remember that brilliance. Maybe. :)

Litgirl01 said...

You are brilliant too my margarita bud! :-D Thanks for the linkage!