Monday, October 26, 2009

Voice = Literary Fashion

Quick post today - go to Lynn Behler's blog. She has a great, great, great post about voice today that, as usual, makes perfect sense. Oh, and she also has a beagle for an assistant who makes margaritas. I mean, life doesn't get much better than having a beagle who can make margaritas. : )

But, as normal, I digress . . . go read the post, and check out some of her other posts as well.

The essence of the post ~ a newspaper columnist with a unique voice was downsized to the online version of the paper, people complained, they brought her back to the print edition, but . . .

The paper had removed the very essence of this talented woman’s unique writing – her ability to analyze the mundane of family life into the special. The thoughtful. I feel badly for Teryl because her articles lack zing.

And, because the articles lack zing, Lynn Behler no longer reads the columns, and stressed her point with this statement: And that's the importance of voice.

Without voice, well . . . who's gonna love ya baby????

Now, hop on over here, read the rest of the article, and find out how Lynn Behler thinks of voice as literary fashion!



B.J. Anderson said...

So true! Ok, heading over to read about voice. . .

ElanaJ said...

On my way! Thanks, Scott!

Davin Malasarn said...

I still wrestle with voice. I felt like I had found my voice several months ago, but lately I think I've lost it again. But, that may be due to the fact that I'm working on new material, so maybe I'm just not in the revising mode for voice yet. This is an interesting topic to me, so I like reading about it. Thanks!

Scott said...

You're welcome to . . . all!

Davin - I truly think when we really immerse ourselves in our writing, that the voice flows naturally. I think it's when we try to find that voice, that the trouble begins. We begin paying too much attention to 'everything' and sort of lose our way. It's the whole 'i'm aware of my tongue' theory from the Peanuts. Linus became obsessed with his tongue - aware of every bump, and it was driving him insane (well, not quite, this was The Peanuts after all) until he focused his attention on something else. : ) So, immerse yourself in your writing, write, and I bet your voice comes out loud and clear.


Robyn Campbell said...

I'm goin', I'm goin'! :) Hey, do great minds think alike or what? Great post my friend. :)

Who's gonna love ya baby??? I love that.

Don't try and take that beagle. I know what you're thinkin'. Step away from the beagle!!!! :)

But once we get voice, we've always got it. WOOHOO