Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm not writing near as much as I'd like to write. I have no excuses. I'm just not writing. Well, I'm revising, eliminating words, blogging here, there, and everywhere, but I'm not working on anything from Point A to Point Z.

Well, to be technical, I wasn't working on anything from Point A to Point Z.

I am now, but it's more like Point Z to Point A.

Yes, I'm writing backwards. I'm starting at The End and working my way backwards to The Beginning.

This is an experiment in chaos. This is a writing experiment. I know how the story ends. I have no clue how the story will begin.

Yeah, try those shoes on for size. I wrote the very last chapter . . . FIRST!

I began this experiment on Sunday afternoon. I've just had this urge to do something besides revise, edit, and blog here, there, and everywhere. I need to write, to explore the depths of depravity, to uncover the truth, to have my characters hear the police sirens wail in the distance as they look down at the body sprawled on the cobblestone driveway.

This experiment of writing from The End to The Beginning is also an experiment in trying to balance the various phases - writing, editing, revising, blogging (and life) - of the writing process. It's about trying to write something new while still fine tuning the brilliance I've already written. It's about fulfilling a need in me to . . . well . . . write, to create, to delve into the psyche of my imaginary characters, to make a political statement through my writing, and to have fun at the same time.

Life is hard. Writing is hard. Balance is even harder. There's only so much time in the day. I get up early enough as it is to exercise five days per week. I'm not willing to give up any more time in the morning, or truly at night. That's a self-defeating prophecy, btw. So, my life becomes more about divvying up the time I have in the evening, and on the weekends, between editing, revising, blogging, writing something new, bonding with the animals . . . and with Frank . . . and still finding time for me.

Wish me luck!!



quillfeather said...

I certainly wish you luck, but feel with your delicious rich style of writing, it is not luck you need. Just the right agent to pluck you from obscurity to the international stage of fame.

Thoroughly enjoy your blog and look forward to your updates.

Tess said...

let me know if you figure out the secret to it all ... I could use some help in that regard!

And, people first. That's what my mom always says and I think it's good advice.

B.J. Anderson said...

Your project sounds so exciting! And what a cool concept. Good luck with it. And good luck divvying up your time. I'm having a hard time doing that myself. So much to do and not enough time!! :D

Scott said...

Quillfeather - thanks. It's definitely not the easiest thing I've ever tried to do . . . and I have my doubts . . . but, it's fun, and different . . . and I think that's what matters most about the attempt.

Tess - I could never divulge that information. Ha! It is fun, so that's what's important on this go around!

B.J. - the time divvying is definitely a challenge, but I think it will be worthwhile in the end. There never seems enough time.

SJDuvall said...

Wow, that sounds so exciting! Maybe one day I will be brave enough to try that, but for now, I just need to write a story from A-Z, because man have I been slacking!

ElanaJ said...

Wow, I'm amazed by this. I've heard of revising backward, but never actually writing backward. I write all over the place, but I suck so bad at endings that I could never start there.

Good luck!

Rebecca Knight said...

Good luck, Scott! :) You rock!

Scott said...

SJ - exciting and mind blowing at the same time. Trust me on that one.

Elana - I'm all about experimenting. Okay, the red hair thing didn't go over very well. My hairdresser was none too pleased that he had to fix that little experiment. Okay, and that one recipe was really, really bad. Okay . . . Seriously though, it is kind of fun and I'm enjoying myself and that has to count for something!

Davin Malasarn said...

I love that you're always willing to experiment with new techniques, Scott. Good luck! I'm trying to write in a different genre for NanoWrimo, so that's my big experiment. Oh, and I'm outlining before I write the story. That's VERY challenging for me, but I'm enjoying it so far.

Scott said...

Davin - I think that when we become unwilling to experiment, well, we stagnate. We need to always try new things, even in our writing. Yeah, it's great if we find a style that's unique to us, that works, but . . . every now and then, change things up, just for fun! : ) Oh, and I'm so impressed about the outline thing. I see Lady Glamis has converted you. ; ) She's working on me, but hasn't succeeded yet. Ha! Kidding, Lady Glamis!!!


Angie Ledbetter said...

It really is hard slicing up the time pie, isn't it?