Friday, October 30, 2009

My Work Space

First - Robyn needs to quit reading my mind. Here it was, 5 AM-ish on Thursday morning, and I'm thinking Self, you need to post pictures of your workspace on blogger or something to that effect. Yes, the places my mind goes at 5 AM are quite scary, quite scary indeed.

Imagine my surprise when I checked in with Robyn on Thursday morning and . . . she had posted pictures of her workspace!!!

This is where, sometimes, I hone my brilliance to diamond like perfection.

This picture is where I sometimes sit, stare out the window, perhaps read, perhaps pet the cat, or just sort of meditate on life.

I've gotten quite a bit of inspiration from sitting in this chair and just staring out the window.

The wall color is candy apple red and was painted by the previous owner of the house. The pictures don't do the color justice. I wasn't sure if I would like the color or not when we first bought the house, but I love, love, love it now.

Here is the window I find my self staring out and meditating on life, story ideas, or just nothing whatsoever. : )

In the spring or fall I love to open the windows and let the fresh air into the house. Those days are few and far between since spring always morphs into summer, and fall into winter, far too quickly.

Here are the built in bookcases. Yes, built in! My dream - well, one of them - come true. These cases house my favorite, favorite books. There are books scattered throughout the house in various places as well.

Here's the armoire opened wide to reveal my workspace. Like how neat and organized it is? I'm such the neatnik!!! NOT!

I organized this morning . . . and it was ugly, very, very ugly. I pulled all the loose piles of paper I have a tendency of scattering here, there, and everywhere (I do mean everywhere) in my office, took them into the kitchen and began the sorting process. Then, I pulled out file folders, labeled them, and started filing the papers neatly away to create a sense of order in the chaos that is normally my workspace.

Lastly, here's my other office. Really, it's the dinette table in the kitchen nook. I write here more than anywhere else lately, mainly because the dogs sunroom is to the right. If they can see me, they're happy. If they can't . . . well, Jesse is quite whiny at times, and that disturbs my writing flow, so most times I just write at my other office.

Still, there are many times when I escape into my private domain, turn up the music, and write.

Hope everybody has a great weekend!


Robyn Campbell said...

Bravo Scott. Love your pics. *she rubs hands together thinking, must one-up my pal* :)

Love your pics! And that window is glorious. I have a window like that. Actually it's a door. :) And mine has a lot of trees and our pool too.

Honing your brilliance. I love that!

Thanks for showing me a part of you, my friend. I love it! :0)

Davin Malasarn said...

What a beautiful home! That red room looks cozy and safe--the perfect place to write in. Very nice!

ElanaJ said...

Wow, there's so much light. It hurts my eyes! Seriously, I think I'm a vampire. But what great pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Eerie music for the early morning psychic connect to Robyn!
Love the beauty of your writing places, and I am soooooo glad you said you straightened up first cuz I am seriously scattered.

Piedmont Writer said...

Found you from the Literary Lab, hope you don't mind if I comment here.

I LOVE the color of your room. I too have windows to gaze out of, although mine are directly in front of the sheets hanging on my clothesline.

I too have finished a manuscript and now I may proclaim, I am a writer.

Fair winds and following seas Scott, on your adventure to becoming published. Or are you already?

Scott said...

Robyn - thanks. I love the window. When we looked at this house, I fell in love with the office first, then the kitchen.

Davin - the room is cozy, safe, and quite the creative space at times.

Elana - Vampire? Now, everything is making sense!! You're welcome . . . for the sharing part. : )

Tricia - it took me forever to straighten up the room. Forever! I had papers in piles . . . everywhere. I'm trying to be more organized. Anyone want to place bets how long before the first pile starts to appear?

Piedmont Writer - thanks for stopping by . . . the more the merrier. No, not published . . .yet. Soon, soon, I keep telling myself. I love the windows, the connection to the outside world. I work more at the kitchen table because the nature vista is there in all it's simplicity. In the late spring through early fall, we can't even see the neighbors behind us. It's almost as if I'm in my own little natural world. Thanks again for stopping by!


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