Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Novel Checklist

Well, this is the week where I'm just linking all the readers of my blog to other sites.

Today . . . I'm sending you to The Blood-Red Pencil for a nifty Novel Checklist.

As many of you know, I'm not a heavy duty outliner. I'm more of a free flow, wing it, a note here, a note there, where in the heck did that post it note go with the brilliant idea I had for Chapter 2112 go to, kind of outliner. There are no detailed lists, no maps, nothing but a haphazard way of outlining that works for, well, me! Woo-hoo.

I still asks (okay, that was a typo, but I figured it was meant to be there, so I'm leaving it) myself questions along the way . . . many of which I have found on Lady Glamis' blog The Innocent Flower and/or The Literary Lab, the blog she co-authors with Scott and Davin. The questions are many that a writer needs to ask during the writing process. The novel checklist provides some more dandy questions to ask, and breaks these questions down into categories, such as . . .

Story Arc


Point of View

Dialogue . . .

. . . and some more that I'm not going to repeat here, but direct you to here so you can read these for yourselves, book mark the page, print it out, and have it as a handy-dandy reference as you are going through the writing process.

I hope everyone is having a productive week. Me? Well, not so much, but I'm hoping that changes as the week progresses.



Robyn Campbell said...

UH, print it out? But I'll loose it. I'll put it in a place and say, "I'll definitely remember where I put you, that's for sure." Then, when I can't find it, I'll begin flinging things, big things, at the hubby accusing him of throwing it away. :)

I'll head over, but it's much safer if I bookmark the page. :)

And the checklist over at The Blood-Red Pencil looks like the one for me.

Oh and chapter 2112! WOW. Dang you're good. :) I use the torn off scrap of paper to do my outlining on. :)

Great post!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Good tippage!

ElanaJ said...

Chapter 2112! You always make me smile. And I love the Blood Red Pencil. What a timely topic before NaNo!

Scott said...

Why are people laughing at the possibility of Chapter 2112???

Robyn - I have a folder in my Favorites on IE that I save all the bookmarks to regarding writing. I also have a purple folder next to my computer where I put the print out copies. When it comes time to find this info . . . I'll totally forget about all the folders. : )

Angie - I try to please my followers. It's a hard task!

Elana - at least I'm good for something if I can make you smile!

I seriously love this checklist. It really honed things down to a pinpoint of information that is necessary for any writer . . . even one about to start work on Chapter 2113! Ha!

Davin Malasarn said...

I had a deadline for some science-related stuff that I had to do this week. But, as of today I'm done and get back to the fiction!

The checklist scares me a little bit. But, I guess I'll check it out. :)