Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Again, from the July/August 2010 edition of Writer's Digest . . .

When I began writing, I was surrounded by people who couldn't understand what writing meant to me. Many times, faced over and over with these attitudes, I came close to quitting. I longed for someone to validate not only my work but the entire enterprise of writing. (Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni - Emerging as a Writer - Writer's Digest - July/August 2010 - Page 21).

How many of you, dear readers, can relate to the above statement? How many of you have seen people's faces go blank when you try to explain your love of writing? How many of you are tired of the endless question - well, what have you published?

Non-writers don't have a clue that writing a book isn't easy, and that getting published is even harder.

We're lucky, here and now, that there's such an entity called the blogsphere where aspiring and published writers blog about this crazy writing adventure we've all embarked upon.

How many times have you read a blog post and thought: yeah, that's me, I understand completely?

I've seen posts about doubt, about wanting to quit, about believing in our abilities, having faith, and so much more.

I can relate. I've written a few posts on those topics as well.

I've left comments on those posts thanking the blogger for putting my feet back on the writing path.

I've been in a funk with my writing lately. I'm not writing as much as I should. I'm not blogging as much as I should. Last week I began to get on track again. Last Thursday, I absolutely knew what I had to do once I got home from work and sent Franklin off to work. I was double-dog tired. I didn't want to write. I wanted to just lay on the couch with the dogs. This heat is killing me, people!!! 110 degree heat index. It saps all the energy I have, and there doesn't seem to be enough energy lately. Still, double-dog tired and all, I did what I had to do! I know what I have to do on one project that has been in the works for a number of years.

I can't tell my non-writer friends about my doubts, my funk, or the joy of having a moment of epiphany where I absolutely know what needs doing to succeed! I can, however, share it here on the blogsphere because I know, know, know that every single one of you reading this blog can understand what I am going through because you can validate my work and the entire enterprise of writing.

Oh, and once again, since these words seem to be becoming my mantra. I'm going to quote the words spoken by the character Roseanne Conner in the final episode of Roseann: Dreams don't work without action. Nobody can stop me but me.



Elizabeth McKenzie said...

When I tell someone I'm writing a novel, I'm always sorry about it. Better to keep you mouth shut.

Thanks for the post, I relate with it all.

Robyn Campbell said...

I NEVAH mention the writing thang. I will when I get my agent, though. And Nobody can stop me but me. So I havta get out of me's way. =)

I love this post. Shhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone I said that. If you do, I shall deny it until my death. =)

But glad to know you agree with me. Ain't it wunnerful? To know you are on my SAME wavelength? hehe

Oh, and, STAMP! I validated your work and the ENTIRE ENTERPRISE OF WRITING. Mine too. *grin*

John Betcher said...

All very well-said . . . and so true, so true!

All writers should stick together and be supportive of one another. This is not a competition.

All the best!

Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

That is exactly why I have enjoyed connecting with so many other writers via social media. They DO understand. And I need someone to understand my plight. Clearly, you do. So glad I've found your blog! :)

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

I love that quote! I think it's important for us to feel like our hobbies and jobs are valued. You know I'm always here rooting you on. :)