Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The heat is killing me! Okay, not literally, but we're set to break a record this weekend - 97 in June. Oh, with humidity, that's about 212!!! Naturally curly haired people should really avoid the south at this time of year. Not pretty, not pretty at all.

Anyhow, with mega-heat-n-humidity happening on a daily basis, I'm spending more time inside than out. I mean, you go outside, can't breathe, and immediately need a shower is great incentive to stay inside with the air conditioning and a margarita. I'm just saying . . .

So, I've been doing more writing lately than normal. I think I'd been in a funk for a while and slowly motivating myself out of that funk. Very slowly. I've been immersing myself in the editing phase of a project - the one where Chapter Eight became Chapter One. I've incorporated a few of the old chapters into the new project with some tweaks here, there, and everywhere, added a chapter or two, and this weekend ended up at Chapter Eight again. Woo-hoo. Now I'm just copying/pasting chapters from the second draft into the third draft and editing as I go, word by word and chapter by chapter.

I've also jotted down notes for a novella I want to do at some point. As you know, when the ideas hit me - SLAP - I stop what I'm doing and jot down notes, etc., so I have a good place to start when I have the free time to totally devote to a project.

I'm also still working on the urban fantasy.

I need to get back to the project where I'm eliminating words. That'll happen in the very near future, which means I'll also get back to working on my query. I have the pitch down pat, so all I need is a descriptive paragraph that sums up the book and showcases my voice! Uh, yeah, I'll need a few more margaritas for that. Ha.




Tess said...

I love this template, Scott. And, 97? With humidity? Eee-gads, I'd be hanging out inside, too.

I always say, "Whoever invented air conditioning must have gotten an automatic pass to Heaven" :)

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Wow, novellas are getting popular, aren't they? I didn't know you were going to do a novella!

I'm so sorry about the heat. It has been really muggy here, but cooler temperatures. The pressure is giving me headaches though. Not good.

VR Barkowski said...

Okay, this is my first summer in the South. It's been warm so far in Atlanta, middle 90s plus humidity. But I grew up in 115 degree summers in a house with no A/C so I'm tough.

My question is, how bad will it get? This is only June. Do I need more fans? A new sump for the AC?

I have to agree, the heat makes a great motivator to stay indoors. Not so sure about the margaritas, but I intend to give 'em a try.

Alleged Author said...

I'll see your 97 and raise you three degrees plus some added smog!

Scott said...

Tess – I love the new template as well. I’m glad someone designed it so I could use it! Ha! We’re expecting heat indexes of at least 105 this weekend. This is June, I hate to see July and August which are normally the most brutal summer months.

Michelle – I knew the idea was too long for a short story, but probably not long enough for a full novel, so, the great in-between is a novella. The heat has been brutal this year. We were hitting 80 in April and 90 in May. Normally, it’s 70 in April and 80 in May. I dread the rest of the summer if the temperatures are going all nutty on me. : )

V.R. – it will get very, very bad. Okay, hopefully, I’m kidding. I’m outside of Nashville and the temps are ranging about 10 + degrees higher than normal. See my comment to Michelle. Oh, and you must try margaritas. The best thing to do – buy the premade mix with the alcohol already added, and before adding the mix to your glass, add about a ¼ of orange juice. Yummy . . . and cuts a bit of the sourness.

Alleged – you can keep your three degrees and added smog. It’s hard enough to breathe here, without adding in some smog. Ha.