Thursday, June 24, 2010


No, not me. Hop on over to Rachelle Gardner's blog and read this post. She answers some burning questions in a short/sweet manner.

Two questions/answers that stood out for me:

If you have more than 2 POV characters, are your chances of publication lessened?
→ Not unless your book is really bad.

Do you think agents are more likely to take on work that has a great plot with writing that needs work, or great writing with a plot that needs work?
→ Great writing with a weak plot - for sure. I can help a good writer improve their plot. But teaching an average writer to be a good writer is not my job.

Question 1 - I love it, especially since I often write from more than one POV! Love it, love it, love it! Enough said.

Question 2 - this is one of those double-edge sword kinda answers. Why? Well, let me tell you . . . the answer provides great hope and great delusion. Great hope in that a writer who writes great, but has a weak plot, has a good chance of success. Now a writer who actually writes poorly, but thinks they write greatly, well, ya know . . .

So, what did I glean from Question/Answer 2?? Again, thanks for asking that brilliant question. Ha! I learned that we all need to write to the best of our abilities. It helps to have both great writing and a strong plot, but, if you are a great writer, and your plot is weak, all is not lost. I'm just saying . . .

There are some other great questions and answers, so don't forget to click on the linkity-link above and check everything out!


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