Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WIP Wednesday

So, another WIP Wednesday is here! Woo-hoo! Well, maybe not a BIG Woo-hoo, just a little woo-hoo!

Why a little woo-hoo? Well, the Week in Progress wasn't as productive as last week. Do I have an excuse? No, not even going to go there.

Last night, staring at the blank screen, typing, deleting, typing, deleting, typing, deleting, and finally I just said FRAK and shut down the computer. Oh, yes I did.

Now, the week wasn't a total washout. I did make some progress. I did write. I even thought about writing on days I didn't write. I did the best I could last week and that, dear readers, is enough for me right now.

Now, I'm on vacation after today. I'm not even going to think about writing. Okay, I am taking the laptop with me . . . just in case. I just never know when Inspiration might want to grace me with her elusive presence. So, the laptop will be there and I may or may not write.
As for this past week . . .
Wednesday – stopped working on Chapter Seventeen – still too intense, will work on at a later date. Started/finished Chapter Eighteen. Started Chapter Nineteen.
Word Count – 23,047
Thursday – finished Chapter Nineteen; started Chapter Twenty
Word Count – 23,565
Saturday – finished Chapter Twenty
Word Count – 24,351
Monday – started/finished Chapter Twenty-OneWord Count – 25,816
Tuesday - well, see above about typing and deleting. Yes, that was my night last night.
Lastly, check out Elana's post about WIP Wednesday. Too! Dang! Funny!Also, I'm right there with you . . . at least today . . . Elana!


PJ Hoover said...

I think I'm finally hitting that good flowing writing point. It's been a good few days.
have a nice time off!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Have a great vacay. (Take pen/paper...sometimes the longhand will unlock the muse.) :)

Glynis said...

They say a change is as good as a rest, so enjoy and benefit :)

Rebecca Knight said...

Getting here late, but congrats on the progress, Scott! :D

Plus, Haha, you're a Battlestar Galactica fan, too! Frak, indeed!