Thursday, June 4, 2009


Do I really want to do this? No. Am I going to do it anyway? No. Yes. No. Maybe. Is there a margarita handy? SIGH.

I need a few more beta readers . . . not that the people who currently read my work (and yes, I know you check my blog periodically, dear friend) are not doing an excellent job. I just need fresh opinions on the subject.

So, blog followers, if interested just drop me a comment and I'll email you some general information to see if it's really your thang. I only need a couple of readers, so if I get inundated with comments, I'll put the names in a hat and let one of the dogs draw the name. Well, actually, I'll put a treat in the bottom of the hat, and when the dog sticks his head in to get the treat, whatever piece of paper sticks to his nose will be the winner. Hey, I don't have kids like Tess to draw names out of the hat. I must improvise. BTW, when Blogger notifies me of your comment (since I moderate them), it gives me your email address, so I can send an email with the specifics at that point.

Now, some general information . . . after six days of sunshine, the last three hitting up in the low 90s, some rain moved through the area last night and dropped the temperature . . . somewhat. We're expecting a mostly cloudy day in the mid 70s today, and then - BAM - back up into the mid to high 80s the rest of the weekend. The humidity isn't bad, but it's only the first week of June in Middle TN. Give us time. Soon, the moment I step out the door the sweltering heat will slam me against the wall and I'll have to send an email to my best friend complaining about the weather. He complains about the cold. I complain about the heat. Go figure. Other than that, my garden is growing quite well. I should have a bonanza of tomatoes this year. Woo-hoo. The day lilies are beginning to bloom. I'll take pictures and post some photos in the blog post as the summer progresses.

Have a great day.


p.s. the above picture was taken 3 or 4 years ago. It's one of my absolute favorite pictures. If you pay close attention to the top of the picture, where the main lily ends and just the barest hint of another lily can be seen, you'll see a . . . ladybug. There's also an ant in the picture as well. I had no clue of either thing when I first took the picture. It was only later that I noticed the ladybug and the ant. I titled the picture At the End of the Day because it was late afternoon when I took the photo, and the ant and ladybug seemed on their way home. : ) If you click on the picture, it will get bigger and you can see the ladybug and ant more clearly. The ant is just on the bottom edge of the yellow center of the main lily. : )


Tess said...

The ant and ladybug are even walking different directions so it really does look like they are leaving work and heading home. Amazing picture.

And, you can borrow the kids anytime, you know -- especially when they are nagging about how bored they are when it's only four days into summer :0

Marybeth Poppins said...

What is your book about???

By the way....your comments on other blogs always crack me up... can't wait for those margarita's and popcorn!

Robyn said...

What a great picture. Glam will like that one. I need to start posting some of my pics. Hmmm

You shouldn't have too hard a time finding a couple more beta readers. :) Oh and the dog should do fine.