Friday, February 4, 2011

The Synopsis - Arrrghhh

Okay, synopsis time. Where's the wine? Where are the margaritas? Ha! Kidding, it's not that bad.

Okay, it's not that great either, but it's part of the writing process and . . . this too shall pass.

I look at the query and the synopsis like I did algebra in high school: it's not something I love doing, but it's necessary . . . and I'm not going to graduate without it. Basically: I have no choice, so buck up.

I'm currently at work on the one page synopsis, then I'll move on to the more detailed synopsis, and then . . . well, hopefully, my synopsizing will be done.

So, one page synopsis - list the major events. This is easy because I have a Table of Contents with clever (at least in my warped mind) titles that mark out the major events in the title. Woo-hoo!

So, what I did last night was list all the major events (i.e. chapter titles containing major events) on a piece of paper which I'll flesh out into proper sentences later on because . . . I can't very well submit a bullet point synopsis with chapter titles. Yes, I'd love to do this, but . . . such an action could well get me black-listed from agentdom and I don't want that to happen. Still, these titles do make my job a bit easier . . . kind of like the cute tutor helping me out with my algebra back in high school.

What I also did yesterday, bullet point style, was list out both the major and minor events to help me with the longer synopsis.


* Major Event 1
* Minor Event
* Major Event 2
* Minor Event
* Minor Event
* Major Event 3

Well, you get the point . . .

So, that's where I am right here and now with my current project.

Other updates: query letter (faux and real) sent off to the Awesome Elana for review. She rocks, by the way!!!). The faux query is, well, the query I'd like to send, but also the one that would get me blacklisted in agentdom. Sigh!!

Have a great weekend.



Demitria said...

My blog post today was about writing a synopsis too...though a longer version. Good luck!

New follower...

Sully's Scribbles said...

Good luck!

Paul Michael Murphy said...

I've never had an agent ask for a synopsis and have therefore never written one. Good luck.

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Keep going! It sounds like you have a great start. I hate writing synopses. It's probably my least favorite part of writing a book.

Scott said...

Ooops, sorry for my delay in responding . . .

@Demitria – great minds think alike!

@Sully – thanks.

@Paul – I’ve heard this before. I’m just afraid if I don’t have one ready when I start to query, I’ll get a request for one, then have to bang one out in short order. I’d rather have one ready . . . just in case. Thanks.

@Michelle – I hate writing the synopsis too, but know it’s just one of those things, kinda like filing taxes, I have to do.