Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finding Time

Sometimes, in this writer's life, combined with, well, life, time to write is hard to find. Take last night - got home, started fixing dinner. Put casserole in oven. Set timer for 45 minutes.

45 minutes. That's all I had. So . . . fine tuned my query, sent it back off to the Query Ninja for review and . . . started this blog post.

It's all about finding the time, even if it's only 30 minutes here or there between doing other things.

Did I mention that I really didn't have 45 minutes? No, I didn't. Why? Well, casserole was in the oven, but there were other things to do before dinner was really ready. So, knock off about 10 minutes. Oh, did I mention a phone call while I was working on the query? Yes, a phone call. Yes, I had to answer it. Subtract some more time.

Okay, so time is of the essence and it's disappearing faster than the hair on my head. Dang genetics.

How do you do it? How do you fit time for writing in your hectic schedule? Comment away.


BTW - my query is done. I have about 100 pages left to read through. Soon I'll be standing on the precipice of the great Query Chasm.


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

I write when my daughter goes to bed and I'm usually up until 12 or 1 or 2 or 3... and I get very little sleep because my daughter then wakes me up at 7. That's how. Hah. :)

Amanda said...

I'm lucky that I have my days for writing. But you never know when inspiration is going to strike. In the evenings it's tough, and I've burned many a meal while throwing down a few hundred words!

Charlie said...

The only time I have to write is when I'm between jobs, like today. When I'm working, then only the weekends, and only if everyone is out. I like quiet. Coffee during the day or wine in the evening/late night helps me too. :)

Also, I cannot just sit down and write, it takes an hour or so of relaxing at the computer before I can produce anything worthwhile.

Scott said...

@Michelle – my normal writing time is in the evening, after I get home from work, and on the weekends. On the nights I’m cooking dinner, my writing time gets pushed back some.

@Amanda – I’ve burnt a thing or two while trying to write and make dinner. It wasn’t pretty. Last night was a comedy of errors with the phone – which rarely rings – ringing like crazy. Ah, the joys of life.

@Charlie – on the weekends, there’s a cup of coffee next to me. In the evenings, there’s a glass of wine. I’m pretty good about just sitting down and writing, when I’m in the mood. Some nights/days, it’s a struggle . . . but such is life.

Domey Malasarn said...

Often, I just have to let other things (as important as they are) take a back seat. It takes some convincing, but I've decided my writing is important enough to me to do that. Sometimes people understand; sometimes they don't!

Anita said...

I just grab the minutes whenever I can. A person can get a lot done in spurts.