Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WiP Wednesday - November 17, 2010

So, the edits - for now - are done. Typos and unclear sentences fixed. Sentences, a paragraph or five deleted, and a total of 8 pages cut from the manuscript . . . at this point.

Input from three out of four beta readers in hand, the fourth input should arrive in my email Monday morning.

Major change: deleted first few chapters and started the manuscript with the fourth (I think) chapter because . . . survey said: this is where I really started to get into the story. So, I went with the 2 out of 3 survey response.

I need to do another read through - .pdf format so I don't change things willy-nilly that seriously don't need changing - and then compile the beta readers opinions and see what I will (and won't) change based on their feedback.

Then . . . more work on query, start the synopsis, and do some agent research. I do have the logline done for the query, so the rest is just - brief, to the point, voice speaking loudly - filler.

So, how about you? Where are you with your writing projects? What great and exciting adventures have you created?



Robyn Campbell said...

No typos?? Are you sure you fixed them all? :)

I have finished said query. Based on info from Scott the titan. hehe And need to run it by Holly. But for now I am working on my synopsis. (I lost mine when the computer crashed.)

Just wasn't sure I'd talk to you before the big FEAST day, so wanted to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING, pal. :) Eat lots and lots. And remember to be thankful for everything God has done for you.

Scott said...

Robyn - I'm sure there are still typos left here and there, just not everywhere. Ha! I'll do another read through before I begin the next edit phase. Heck, I think hard as we try, there'll always be a typo we miss . . . or at least that's what I'm finding with what I've been reading lately.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, my friend. I'm cooking this year. Big feast planned. Yum!


Elizabeth McKenzie said...

The PDF read is an excellent idea. I think I'll use that the next time I'm editing.

What I did was put my book at book size like, say 5.5 x 8.5 in Word. The errors flew off the page. I guess at that point, I became a reader and not a writer. Just a thought.

Great post.

Perri said...

Hi there!

I just finished the final draft process after much "editing" (could be called procrastinating in some circles) and sent my first few queries.

That was a brave move to cut the first few chapters.

Good luck!