Thursday, December 10, 2009


Go here to Betsy Lerner's blog The Forest for the Trees for a great post about voice. I love it and think she hit the proverbial nail squarely on the head! Oh, and one note, she does use a bad word - but you'll get over it! : )

What do you think? Is she spot on? Totally insane?

Personally, I think she's spot on and asks a bunch of great questions.



Jayne Martin said...

So glad I found you. I love coming here. You always send me to such interesting places.

Scott said...

Jayne - glad I could send you to an interesting place. The blogsphere is full of interesting places. I always love it when a blogger links to other sites, because I never know what little gem I might find. : )

Bethany Wiggins said...

Voice is tricky. I picked up the book TWISTED by Laurie Halse-Anderson and read the entire thing in a day just because the voice was so amazing! I think voice is almost more important than plot. Almost!