Monday, December 28, 2009

Reminder and Updates

I'm pretty much unplugged until January 1, 2010! OMG, it's almost 2010! Where in the heck did 2009 go?? I mean, it was just yesterday when I was raising my glass of champagne to 2009! Wasn't it? Wasn't it? How in the heck did the year fly past so quickly? Oh, double crapola, if it's almost 2010, that means another birthday is lurking around the corner before Spring returns to the world. Le Sigh!

I hope everyone had a safe and Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate, and may your New Year be safe and happy as well.

Since, I'm typing this post . . . I'll do the little update thingy.

My goal for 2010 - begin querying once again. Hey, I made a rhyme. Woo-hoo, double time. Sorry! I'm going to work on the letter in January and then start the process February 1 to give those beleaguered agents time to go through all the queries people submitted during the holiday season, and in the first few weeks of 2010. Yes, there is a method to my madness!

Right now . . . I have three potential next brilliant novels in the idea and (gasp, the horrors) outline stage - well, two of the projects, not the third. I'm just not sure what I want to work on next. I may just have to flip a coin or number the projects, write the numbers on a piece of paper, stick them in a hat, and let my cat Squeaky pick the lucky project.

Also . . . I have another project in revision stage that will, at some point, be the next project I query, so this project gets more importance than starting a new project.

And . . . I think that's it for right now. Have a great day.


ElanaJ said...

Happy New Year, Scott!

And good luck with your query endeavors! You're gonna make a big splash in 2010.

B.J. Anderson said...

Happy New Year! And it sounds like you have some awesome possibilities for 2010. Good luck with everything!

WindyA said...

Have a great new year, Scott!

Rock out with the querying adventures!!

beth said...

Happy new years! Good luck with the of the worst parts of writing towards publication, to be sure.

Scott said...

Elana - thanks. I'll be pulling out somebody's handy-dandy query book. : )

B.J. - Happy New Year to you! Yes, the possibilities for 2010 are awesome.

Windy - you too! Is it even possible to rock out with the querying adventures? Doesn't the ultimate dread and angst cancel out the rocking out? : )

Beth - Happy New Year to you! Thanks for the luck wishes! Querying is probably the worst part of the road to publication!