Friday, November 13, 2009

All About . . . Robyn

Today's post is all about Robyn at Putting Pen to Paper.

First - my heart goes out to her right now, because her cat Blue passed away this week after a very short illness. I know the difficulty of losing a pet, far too well. You see, an animal's love is unconditional. They love us no matter what and bring untold joy into our lives.

Animals, unlike humans, rarely leave us. They don't go off to college, get married, and move half-way across the country . . . or the world for that matter. They stay with us, day after day, and greet us (well, if they're dogs they greet us, if they're cats . . . everything on their terms) when we come home, even if we've only been gone 30 seconds to the mailbox and back. They don't judge us. They don't demand an XBox for Christmas and then stomp their feet and scream at the top of their lungs when we say No. Okay, Jesse (one of our cocker spaniels) has been known to howl up a storm if I'm not paying him enough attention. But . . . all I have to do is say his name, he stops howling, and his tail begins to wag. Kids aren't' that easy. I'm just saying . . .

So, from Day One until Day None are animals are with us providing countless joy, quite a bit of frustration too, and a companionship that is often unequaled with our human counterparts.

So, as Robyn has been going through this with Blue, I've been going through it with her, offering what support I could, but knowing that nothing I could say or do could ease the pain or dry her tears. Blue was a part of her life, will be missed desperately, but will be remembered in her heart.

So, my sympathies are with Robyn this week as she deals with this loss.

My thanks are also with Robyn for taking time out of her busy and hectic life - multiple trips to the doctor and/or hospital with her son, home schooling, writing, blogging, living life - to help critique the short story I plan (or perhaps already have) to submit to The Literary Labs Genre Wars contest. Not once, but twice, she read my story, critiqued it, and offered some great advice.

So, dear Robyn, this blog post today is all about you. You have my sympathies, you have my thanks, and you have my friendship as well.



beth said...

I'm so with you, Scott. Robyn's great! And losing a pet is terrible--it's wonderful that you're being so supportive in this time.

Robyn Campbell said...

Scott!!!! I can't believe you did this. I'm crying, but these are tears of gratitude for listening to me all week as I worried about my Blue boy. For telling me your stories of loss. For just being there. A virtual shoulder to cry on.

You'll never know how much this means to me. You'll just never know. And you're right. That unconditional love, that so very complete love they give is just why it makes it so hard to let him go. He loved me no matter what. It hurts so much. I'm copying your post today. I'll need to read it these coming days and months. It reminds me that I have you as a wonderful friend. To turn to in my bad times as well as the good ones.

When I looked at Blue's mother and brother I thought, and then there were two. It seems like I'll never be able to think of him without crying.

When Gene went to get him they asked him to come around to the side door. Of course they didn't want the people in the waiting room to see they had lost a patient. They brought him out covered in plastic. Gene broke down.

We took the awful plastic off him. We petted him and talked to him. We each took turns digging his grave and then we took turns covering it up. Oh Scott, it hurts.

Thank you so very much. :(

Sherry Dale Rogers said...

My thoughts are with her too...I have 9 cats and one just recently passed away..She was my oldest and most dear to my heart.

I love all animals and you are so one could ask for a better friend than their pet.

Lady Glamis said...

Robyn is wonderful, I'll agree on that! I've lost animals before, and it truly hurts. Thank you for a beautiful post, Scott.

Tess said...

she's a great gal. and, you are a good friend to her -- clearly.

Davin Malasarn said...

What a sweet blog post, Scott. I just read Robyn's sad post.

Jody Hedlund said...

You've made many great points about pets! We can count on them for unconditional love--maybe why that's why they have such a special place in our lives.

Scott said...

Robyn - I know it hurts. It will stop, at some point. There are days, so many months later, when I cry thinking about Jordy. He was, as I told you, my little sack of flour. I still miss him, and always will, but the pain is not so great any longer. Cry for Blue, remember Blue, but don't ever stop living . . . because that's not what Blue would want you to do. He might want you to give his mother and brother a fresh piece of salmon, but he wouldn't want your grief to overwhelm you. : )

Beth - you said it!

Sherry - I often think that pets teach us how we should really love. Unfortunately, we fail in that lesson in so many ways.

Lady Glamis - you're welcome.

Tess - I met Robyn, like I met you and so many others through blogging. It's funny how these friendships form in cyberspace. I'm lucky to have met her, and all my fellow bloggers.

Davin - I seriously think losing a pet is one of the hardest things a person can go through. Thre isn't any baggage when a pet dies. There probably are very few bad memories with a pet. With people - as much as the loss hurts, as much grief still exists, there is all the baggage of life, things we didn't say and/or do, and things we did say/do that we regret. Animals are happy for a pet, some food, some water, a walk, and . . . well, they're happy. People . . . not so much.

Jody - I agree completely. At the end of the day, after work, after life, there's really nothing better than crashing on the couch with the dogs and cats.

ElanaJ said...

So sorry, Robyn. My sympathies.