Friday, September 26, 2008

It's All a Process

The joys of a writer's life. For the last few weeks I've been jotting down notes - the normal pre-writing procedure - for the latest project. I had a general idea of where I was going with the new project. What'd I do yesterday - before I created this blog? Tossed all that info out the window and started from scratch. It worked. The words flowed easily for the first section, the characters are in place, and the main conflict is in place as well. I'm changing the format somewhat from the project I currently am doing an agent search. On that project, the story unfolds from the perspective of three characters. It works, for that project. I'm not really sure I'll do three perspectives this time or not, especially with the conflict going on with one of (or the) main characters. I could very well limit this one to just one perspective. Hey, it'd be different from what I've done before and different can be good. It's all a process.


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