Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Writing Goals

I normally don't set writing goals. I pretty much figure they're the same thing as New Year's resolutions: easy to make and easier to break.

So, I don't sit down at the start of the year and say I'm going to do this, that, then this, then that, and so on and so on and so on.

I don't do it!

Okay, I didn't do it.

But, today, while working away at, well work, and thinking about my writing, and thinking about what I've done and what I want to do, well, I thought, maybe this once, a writing goal or three might not be such a crazy idea.

So . . .

1 - query the cozy mystery project.
2 - research some niche market, independent and/or small press publishers for Margarita Nights.
3 - write rough draft of Book II in mystery series.
4 - edit project that currently doesn't have a title.
5 - figure out title for project that doesn't have a title.

So, those are the few goals I've picked to accomplish this year.

The good thing - #1 & #2 & #3 are all in progress. Hey, that's not bad, is it?

#4 & #5 are going to have to wait a bit, because, well, life goes on. Still, it's nice to have a small set of writing goals to get me through the year. I may even add - start a new project - to the list.

I think that setting small goals is the way to go. Forget those ginormous goals. You're just bound to fail if you aim to high. Anybody heard of Icarus? Yeah, I thought so.

I remember getting a Franklin Day Planner years ago, going to a class on how to use the planner, and the instructor telling us: set small goals that you can check off each and everyday, even if it's something as simple as return all AM phone calls by Noon. Yeah, a simple goal, and yet something I could achieve and, well, check off my daily to-do list.

So, I've done that with my writing goals. I've set achievable goals and some goals, not listed, that are going to take more effort.

In the end, I can hopefully look back and say: hey, look at that, I achieved every goal on my list . . . and then some.

How about you? Do you set writing goals? Do you aim to high? What are some of your goals?



KLo said...

This probably sounds weird, but I tend to do less when I set goals (both in writing and in life). I think it's my inner rebel, I don't know ;) I hope this works out for you, though :-)!

Alleged Author said...

Good luck with your goals! I suck at them but you seem right on track. :P