Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

So, after some time - for the most part, not totally (ha) - away from the blog . . . I'm back, at least for a bit.

The last few weeks of the year were spent reading and not writing. I pulled myself - almost - totally away from writing. I needed a break. I needed distance. I needed time for me, to gel, to reenergize, to just have a break from pretty much anything to do with writing.

Now, the New Year here, the sun shining, the temps frigid, it's time to delve back into the writing process, or, more importantly the editing, finish the query, finish the synopsis, research more agents process.

Editing so far and yet to come . . .
  • Beta Readers Comments Received and Read
  • Read through without correcting a thing - done!
  • Typos and incomplete sentences fixed - done!
  • Second read through without correcting a thing - should get underway later this week.
  • Review Beta Readers comments and debate pros/cons of making some changes based on reader feedback - will happen this week. Heck, will start happening in a few minutes.
  • Respond to Beta Readers questions - sometime today.
  • Go through MS sent back from Beta Reader with typos and incomplete sentences highlighted and red flagged - yeah, she went overboard! Ha! - I should start on this later today, and will work on it throughout the week. Hopefully, between my corrections already, there won't be many things to fix. Hopefully.

Next week - off to FL for an annual trip with a group of friends, so very little writing will occur. Okay, no writing at all will probably occur from the time I leave and the time I get back. Ha!

So, I ease back in this week, a blog post here or there, editing everywhere, back to work, and just life in general.

I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year and may this year be filled with happiness and dreams come true.



Tess said...

I took a much needed break too and it was good to clear the mind a bit.

Have a fabulous time in Florida, Scott. Something tells me you will.

Robyn Campbell said...

You have lots on your plate, my friend. But it's good to stay busy when you pull for the Titans. footnote: The Dolphins have an excuse. CRAPPY COACH!

Dang it all! How many vacations do you get in one year? SHEESH!

Dreams come true...CHEERS

Scott said...

@Tess - I truly think we need a break from writing. I've never adhered to the 'write every day' rule, and I really feel more refreshed toward my writing after the break. I caught up on my reading. Woo-hoo. FL is always fun. Our group keeps growing each year as we meet more people in FL.

@Robyn - yes, I have a full plate, but don't mind at all. And the Titans have an excuse too - same as yours: crappy coach. Okay, he's been a good coach, but his excuses for losing are always the same. Word on the street is he won't be here next season. We'll see what happens. And, it's a New Year, new vacation. Ha! I spread my vacation out by taking long weekends versus a week here, there, and everywhere. Ha!