Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WiP Wednesday - Sept 8, 2010

First - where in the heck did summer go? Seriously? Heck, where is the year going? Why is it racing away so fast?

Second - spent the past weekend in Chicago eating, drinking, and walking way too much. Had a fantastic time with friends and family. Ate the best cinnamon roll ever, and some excellent deep dish pizza. Riding the train . . . oh, the inspiration to be found riding the "L" in Chicago. You outta try it some time. At one point, had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing out loud at the one conversation. Then, there was the woman with the - at least - six inch stilettos riding the train. You should have seen her try to stand up and maintain her balance. Oy!

Third - still plugging away at the two projects as I maintain distance from the project that I need to edit. Just a bit more time.

Speaking of distance . . .

I love Project Runway. Okay, not so much this season because it's become Big Brother Meets Project Runway. Not pretty, not pretty at all. Too much drama. I liked the show better when it was more about the designs then drama.

Anyhow, last week's episode reminded me that as writers, we are some times way too close to our work. We can't see the flaws because of the closeness . . . which is why we need distance between the different stages of the writing process from the beginning to the i'm ready to query.

Now, on Project Runway last week, five or so designers who didn't make it into the top three, were sitting back discussing the six designers that, together, were in the top and bottom three. There's one designer that they DESPISE. They are ripping this designer and his design to shreds. "Blah, blah, blah!" Now, at the same time, the judges are praising this designer. PRAISING! In fact, said designer is the winner.

Said Despised Designer comes back to the lounge area, announces his win, and nobody congratulates him. NOBODY!

Each of the designers in the room thought their design was the best design ev-uh! In fact, one of the designers said "I just don't know what the judges are thinking". Well, when she's in the top three, the judges are doing their job. When she isn't, the judges don't know what they're thinking.


So, this episode brought home to me, that distance is needed between ourselves and our work so that we can look at our work objectively. If there is not enough distance, if we do not create the necessary distance, than objectivity of our work doesn't exist.

Now, back to Project Runway and the petty designers that cannot congratulate someone on a win. I'm sorry, but even if I despise a person, don't admire them, or whatever, if said person does an excellent job, I'm going to congratulate said person. I don't like one of the designer's on the show - her attitude sucks, she's arrogant and manipulative - but she makes good clothes. I admit, she makes good clothes. I might not like her as a person, but, as a designer . . . she's good.

On that note . . .



Clarissa Draper said...

I don't like it when people are not nice. No congratulations? That's being a poor sport.


Elana Johnson said...

I so agree. Why can't we all just get along?

And dude, summer is GONE. So sad.

Natascha Nichole said...

There definitely has to be some space between a first draft and even revisions. Then to go out and query - even more time. It seems almost like it takes an entire year for me to finally get everything ready to submit. But it's worth it in the long run!

Robyn Campbell said...

Keep the distance that is key. Oh, and must you talk about food????? Are you trying to torment me?

And WHERE HAS SUMMER GONE?? I'm still swimming though. The water is colder every day, but no matter. I'll have to quit by the end of September, so I'm getting all in that I can.

The woman with the heels must have been funny. I could picture her as I read your words. I'm glad I don't wear those dangerous things. Just give me my riding boots. :)

Tess said...

Poor Michael C...they are totally hating on him. That being said, I didn't love that black lace thing that won him 1st ... but no one asks me. It was rude for them to give him those blank stares when he announced his win. Heavens sake, they SEE the cameras in the room. They KNOW America is watching them...couldn't you at least fake a little class for the TV cameras?

okay, I'm stepping down now.

No, I more thing... I really liked Peach but that gawd-awful pea green peplum-ed outfit was just embarrassing. And, I'll miss Casanova. That boy cracked me up.

okay, now I'm really done.

I think.