Friday, September 17, 2010

Project Runway

This post is for Tess!!!

This post doesn't have much, if anything to do with writing! Fair warning!

This post probably contains spoilers about last night's Project Runway episode. If you haven't watched, don't read. I'm just saying . . .

Okay, Tessinator, here I go . . .

Can someone run over Gretchen with a steamroller? Push her off a high building? Lock her in a closet? My nerves can't take much more of her! Ha!

So, last night, in the current incarnation of Project Runway (i.e., Big Brother meets Project Runway) the claws, as usual were out again! Why? Well, one designer summed it up the best I think too many of the designers have an elitist attitude and think they're way better than everybody else! Ya think? Yes, that designer nailed it on the head.

As I've mentioned with writing, distance is required for objectivity. Yes, we, as writers, must defend our work. Yes, sometimes, we as writers write, well, crap!! Yes, crap! Designers, sometimes, especially on a reality show, sometimes design, well, crap!!

Last night was no different than any other week. The designers talked bad about each other behind their backs and then were all smooches when they saw each other face to face. The worst of the worst is Miss Sickly Sweet She Makes Me Want to Puke Gretchen. In her one on one with the camera she doesn't have a nice thing to say about any body, but put her in a room with a bunch of people and the saccharine pours out of her like water at Niagara Falls. Ha!

The winner - stop reading - last night, oh, wait, did anyone see Mondo's personal outfit? OMG! I couldn't stop laughing. Okay, I was laughing because I could picture a friend of mine wearing that outfit on Halloween . . . or just a night out at the bar. I'm just saying . . .

Anyhow, Mondo won with a neat outfit that, at first, I thought a clown had puked up the skirt. But, with the other pieces, everything worked and, for the first time ev-uh, Mondo was the big winner.

Poison Ivy redeemed herself from last week and proved she's more than just a seamstress, though, she made a bit of a goof which cost her the win. So sad . . .

Did I mention Gretchen was pissed that she wasn't in the Top Three? Oh, the look on her face . . . priceless.

Andy made an outfit that, well, Michael Kors summed it up best . . . it looks like MC Hammer met Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies! Yes, it was that bad, though Andy loved his look . . . which he should!

The loser . . . Michael D. I'm gonna miss that man. He added humor to the show . . . which'll be sadly lacking the rest of the season. I really thought Valerie was going home. As Nina said about Valerie . . . she bores me. I thought that was the final nail in her coffin. I was wrong! Go figure.

And that, dear readers . . . and Tess, is the sum total of my recap of Project Runway. Here's hoping Gretchen goes home soon. I haven't disliked a contestant this much on PR since Wendy Pepper from Season 1!



Tess said...

Ha! LOVE this, Scott. I couldn't read it because I knew it had spoilers and I had ti-vo'd PR and couldn't watch it until about 1am last night.

But...Mondo's outfit? Man, those were some short shorts. I was worried he'd give us a little southern exposure but I guess he was wearing tighty whities :D Then, with the suspenders...holy moly. That's entertainment. My favorite part was when they asked him to tap dance.... AND HE DID!!

Gretchen is as fake as they come..and can she PLEASE stop using brown and maroon in her outfits? Ever since that group challenge she has used that lame camel and maroon palate and it sucks. I think I wore those colors back in 83. I have a picture if you need proof.

And, I'll miss Michael D too. He was witty and funny and had class. And, as terrible as that skirt was, I think Andy's Beverly Hillbilly pants should have been the losing outfit. Jackie O would have never worn pants that ill fitting. I mean, those pants made that size 0 model look bottom heavy. That's quite a feat.

All in all a good episode. Though, I agree with your original statement that this season they've brought in the drama and it is more big brother'y than ever before. Do you think that the producers are inciting the drama? I bet they are.

Thanks for the fun post, Scott!

Scott said...

Tess – I loved Mondo tap dancing. Too funny. I agree about Gretchen . . . as do all my friends. A bunch of us were together last night chatting about the show, those we like, those we hate, and those we miss. I really think, the last few shows, when down to maybe 5 contestants, will be pretty boring because all the true personalities will be gone. Then again, if Poison Ivy and Gretchen are left, I’m seeing a smackdown in our future. Ha!