Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday . . . Update

Yes, I've been a wee bit absent from blogging this week. Such is life sometimes.

I finished Cinders by Michelle Davidson Argyle. Check out my review here, which also contains links to where you can purchase this great novella. Oh, and technically, the review should have posted yesterday, and not Monday, except I started the review on Monday, finished it yesterday, and didn't pay attention to technical aspects like when it would post. Yes, even I fail in the technology department from time to time. So, if you missed the review, go here and check it out.

As you know, Inspiration decided to strike this week on Book II of a potential series. No, nothing like Robert Jordan's ginormous Wheel of Time series. This will be a cozy mystery series with all the books being stand-alone. Still, from a license plate, Inspiration struck and I've worked out the first few chapters. Okay, this was easy enough since I've developed a format for the books, and the beginning chapter sequence will remain the same for all the books. So, it really wasn't that hard.

I think I mentioned that I have the following for the next book: the victim, the motive, the suspects, and, of course, the detectives. Woo-hoo. Now, I just have to get to all the good stuff that leads up to The End.

That will happen in time. I plan to start the editing phase of the first book next week. I've been trying to maintain a distance before starting the editing. My goal today is to finish the notations on the Table of Contents regarding the timeline, and then Monday I'll dive into the editing full force. Once first draft editing is done, I'll send it off to my beta readers to get their opinion. Woo-hoo.

Have a great weekend.



Davin Malasarn said...

Sounds like you're making great progress, Scott! After finishing a draft of Bread, I have yet to put it away to get the distance I need. I'm trying to do that now. And, I get to think about a new story!

For some reason I get excited when you talk about your table of contents. Maybe I should have one for my next book. It sounds too hard to come up with all those titles, though!

Scott said...

Davin - I've only done actual titles with two projects. In both instances, I take something from the chapter - title, premise, something - and use it as a title. For example: Character C Loses His Patience . . . Again. Yeah, maybe not the cleverest title, but, it describes what happens in the chapter. Example Two: Not the Cleverest Idea in the Universe. I've also been known to use a brief sentence or a piece of dialogue for a chapter title.

I think, at least for me, the Table of Contents is more a map of what I've written, and a timeline, and a way to track the various points - intro, rising action, etc. - of the novel. Who knew? I certainly didn't since I rarely worried about a table of contents. I think even without titles, just using Chapter 1, Chapter 2, you can map out the novel and do the timeline.

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

I'm excited about all the progress you're making, and I like the title, Inspiration!

Scarlet Ily said...

I read your review on Cinders and although I like what the story is about, although I'm not sure I would like the woman in the story. I like a strong female character, one that overcomes the sound of it, she seems more doubtful and insecure, but I could be wrong. What is it that you love about her? I may still check it out on Amazon. Thanks for the review. Nice blog, btw! :)