Thursday, July 9, 2009

This, THAT, and Something Else

This post is just a hodge-podge of stuff! Well, not really, but I wanted to use the word hodge-podge in a sentence.

I wanted to pass along a bit of advice about the agent search. I can't remember where I found/heard this information in the first place, but . . .


. . . a good way to find an agent who specializes in your genre is to check out the acknowledgements section of a book similar to the one you're writing. For example, if your book is similar to The Friday Night Knitting Club, get the book and look at the acknowledgements section. Why? Because writer's have a tendency to mention . . . drumroll please . . . their agents in the acknowledgements section. Who knew? I certainly didn't have a clue until I read/heard this little piece of advice somewhere/sometime.

So, if you're getting ready to query and you're writing a paranormal urban fantasy chick lit science fiction slay the dragon on the way to the grocery store type of novel, then go to your local bookstore, find a similar book, flip to the acknowledgements page, scroll through the endless thank yous and focus in on the following words: i'd like to thank my uber agent (insert name here). Then, once you have that name, go to any of the online sites, check out the agent, and then check their personal websites just to make sure they are accepting queries. If so . . . go for it!


I've posted my revised query for Margarita Nights over at The Public Query Slushpile. Wait, make that I've submitted my revised query. It hasn't posted yet, but should sometime today . . . hopefully. If you have a chance, hop on over there, check it out, and shred to your heart's content. My feelings won't be hurt, really, they won't, I'm made of sterner stuff than that . . . where are the margaritas, darn it! Kidding. I seriously need all the feedback I can get.

Update - here's the link:

Something Else

Did you notice how cleverly I separated the sections of this post to match my title? Neat, huh? Yes, I'm easily amused this morning! I really don't have anything else to write about, but needed another section. : ) Well, I did finish going through and changing/replacing/eliminating all the that's in Margarita Nights. I think I almost went blind by the time I finished last night. My eyes hurt, people, they hurt from staring at the computer screen. I've gone from 36,000 + words to eliminate to just under 34,000 (or 24,000 if I'm aiming for 120,000 words). Woo-hoo! It's a slow progression, but I'll get there!



Marybeth Poppins said...

Great job cutting your word count! I know it can be difficult! I'll keep an eye out for your query :)

Robyn Campbell said...

You are the clever one! :) I'll head over and read your revised query. :)

You're getting closer to that word count too. The aching neck, cramping fingers, sore back, and twitching eyelids will be worth it in the end. :)If you can see, walk, and hold your head above your neck!

Tess said...

It's easier said than done to find an agent mentioned in the acknowledgement section of books. I heard that, tried it, gave up. In like 50 books, I only saw two names.

And, look how you are plugging away on your revisions. I guess this kind of direction and determination comes with being thirty-ten ;)

B.J. Anderson said...

Good tip on the book acknowledgment thing! I'll keep my eye open for your query letter.

Scott said...

Tess - sometimes, you just have to 'google' the names mentioned in acknowledgements. Not every author says "thanks to my agent", sometimes they just say thanks Sally Brown. When you 'google' Sally Brown, litery agent you sometimes get amazing results. : )

I have gotten lucky a few times with the actual mention of Agent So-and-So. It's definitely worth the effort, especially if your project (as mine is) is more niche than anything else. : )


Angie Ledbetter said...

Will try to remember to go check out your new query post. Congrats on the cutting and weeding!

ElanaJ said...

Good job on the that's! And I'll check out your query if I have a chance later today. :0

Scott said...

Just an FYI - the revised query hasn't posted yet. It sometimes takes a day before it hits the blog! I'll put a quick post up here once it does.


Lady Glamis said...

Thanks for the random! If I get time I'll go comment on your query. :D