Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Margarita Nights - Dirty Little Secrets

Ah, yes, I got your attention didn't I?? Oh, come on now, admit it - the only reason you clicked over so quickly, probably spraining a finger or two in the process, was because of three little words: dirty little secrets.

I seriously had nothing to blog about so I thought I'd see how many people would click on over based on some tantilizing possibilities.

Okay, I'm kidding. I do have a post today, I'm just messing with your collective minds. Resistance is futile, after all!

Today's post is just another step in Platform Building.

There's a phrase I use in Margarita Nights every now and then - gayvine! The gayvine - telephone, telegraph, tell a gay man - is the source of all information, plus a healthy dose of misinformation, within the Nashville gay community. Okay, its within any gay community, but in Margarita Nights the story takes place in Nashville. Enough written! The characters within the story love to listen to the gayvine and discuss the information over coffee! Kidding! Over margaritas, of course!

Now, what's a good story without some truth interwoven into fiction. I mean, modern society is fascinated with gossip. Heck, without celebrity gossip, TMZ would go out of business, as would The Enquirer and Star magazines. So, I decided to throw in tidbits from the gayvine, as well as some totally fictional events just to spice things up in the novel. Hopefully, I concealed the true bits with enough fiction. Then again, if not, who cares? I mean, I don't mention names, and I'm sure people aren't going to be lining up to say hey, that was me who cheated on my wife with another man . . . or whatever other tidbits I threw into the novel.

Ah, the tidbits of information . . . Should I share some of them here? Should I spill out a dirty little secret and let you, dear readers, try and figure out if it is a) fact, b)fiction, or c) fact hidden behind a facade of fiction?

An up and coming lawyer, the prodigy in his law firm, is firmly in the closet. No one knows his dirty little secret - not his boss, his closest friends, or the woman he is dating . . . so he thinks. Secrets have a nasty way of leaping out of the closet when a person least expects. The lawyer's secret is no different. What price will he pay if his secret comes to light?

The country music star - butch, very masculine, allegedly redneck as can be. Rumors fly through the city about his 'other' life. Are the rumors true or false? Was he really seen in the parking lot of the local gay bar? Is his marriage one of love or . . . convenience? Is his marriage lavender?

A couple, together for fifteen years - one faithful, the other not. The whispers shiver the tendrils of the gayvine. What will the truth do to a relationship allegedly built on trust?

Two very prominent businessmen, both married, and both - allegedly - living a secret life . . . with each other.

A bet between the sons of two wealthy families - first to marry gets a plot of land. Six weeks later an engagement announcement appears in the paper. The poor woman has no clue she's only providing a cover for her future husband's faux heterosexuality.

So, which of the above are fact, fiction, or fact hidden behind a facade of fiction? I'm not telling!

The fact is, these tidbits are only a peripheral part of what happens in Margarita Nights. The tidbits are not the total story. There are tons (okay, not tons, but I like the word and I'm using it) of these tendrils of the gayvine within the manuscript. A few more might appear here or there before the book is - hopefully soon - published.


P.S. Lavender marriages are marriages of convenience where both spouses are either gay and marrying for position and/or reputation, or where only one spouse is gay and the other spouse knows about the gay thing.


Rebecca Knight said...

Damn yooooou, Scoooott! I did sprain my finger. Now how am I supposed to hold my margaritas? ;)

Wow, so I've learned new things. Not only does the gayvine have shivering tendrils (I love it!) but I now know what a lavendar marriage is.

Learning is fun :).

Lady Glamis said...

No dirty little secrets!? Oh, man!

Really, good post. Platform is essential, even in the little things.

ElanaJ said...

I have no idea what's true and what's not.

And dude, I thought you were going to give us some dirty little secrets about yourself! Tease!

Scott said...

Rebecca - hold the margarita in the other hand. I'm just saying . . .

Lady Glamis - yes, platform is essential, and it's never too early to start building the platform. Now, about that book trailer I need to work on . . .

Elana - who says one of those secrets wasn't about me? Ha!

Robyn Campbell said...

Aw, I read dirty little secrets out of the corner of my eye! My neck almost broke off I turned my head so fast. :)

I like this post! Very nice. Can't wait for more juicy tidbits. *she rubs her hands together*

Tess said...

You're book launch party is going to be a laugh riot. Margaritas for all...even some non alcholic ones for the folks like me? I can imagine it now....

Davin Malasarn said...

Scott, I really admire how you are advertising for your book. Keep it up. And, as has been mentioned over in the query slush pile, I think your voice really shines in this book. Great work!

Glynis said...

That was entertaining! Mmm I think they are all true, going my my cousin and his civil partner's friends group ;)

Scott said...

Robyn - perhaps I should retitle my book Dirty Little Secrets. It might just fly off the shelf. Hmmmm . . . Oh, and I hope your neck is all right. : )

Tess - non-alcoholic margaritas, pina colodas, and whatever your drink of choice is will be on tap.

Davin - thanks. I think the advertising of books is falling more and more on the author's shoulders, rather than the Publishers. In many ways, that's probably a good thing. I have so many ideas of how to market the book. Now, if I could just get an agent . . .

Glynis - I try to entertain. Isn't that what writing is all about?