Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The whirlwind . . .

. . . of this current writing project is nearing an end. The ferocious (can you belive I spelled this word correctly???) winds have begun to decrease in intensity. The obsession begins to wane. There is a sense of both relief and disappointment. It has been far too long since I wrote with such passion and drive. I dropped into bed each night exhausted after hours of writing at the end of each work day. The weekends were a frenzy of writing and very little socialization. The poor dogs (Jesse and James) would stare at me longingly and wonder why I wasn't on the couch with them allow them to wallow all over me. Don't worry, I didn't neglect them entirely, not to mention there are two of us in the house, so the dogs do get a ton of attention. I just didn't spend as much time with them as I normally do. That should change by the end of the week.

I'm 72,000 words into the project in a little over two weeks. I should finish by this coming weekend. I have just a few more chapters to complete on the rough draft stage. Again, there is a sense of relief and disappointment. Then again, such is the writing life. Once I finish the rough draft I will set it aside for a few weeks and go back to editing another process. I also need to send out another query letter and then . . . as usual . . . wait and wait and wait some more.


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