Monday, December 6, 2010

Blog Holiday

So, I've been scarce of late because . . . well, life's been a bit busy and hectic lately, and I've gone into hibernate mode. Okay, I've gone into reading mode. Read, read, and read some more. Curl up on the couch with a good book, and the cat if she's in the mood for attention . . . which she normally is if I'm in the mood for reading . . . and/or the dogs.

As for writing, some ideas have been swirling around in the primordial maelstrom that is my brain. I'm trying to work out the details of Book II. Okay, I already wrote Book II, but I think it makes a better Book III, so now I need to figure out Book II. Yeah, that's how my thinking works. Crazy scary at times. Okay, crazy scary the majority of times!!!

So, blogging has taken a backseat lately because, well, can't think of much to blog about right now. In fact, I'm thinking of taking a bit of a blogging holiday until January 1.

This means . . .

. . . I'll probably come up with tons of posts and you won't even know I'm gone! Ha!

So, my plans for the next few weeks . . . finish query, finish synopsis, beat the last beta reader over the head because she still hasn't gotten me her input, digest the input of all beta readers and implement some changes, do another read through, and - hopefully - do another edit phase.

So, I won't be kicking back sipping on the egg nog reading the last two books in Tad Williams shadow series. Okay, I will be kicking back sipping on the egg nog and reading the last two books in Tad Williams shadow series, but I'll also be writing as well and . . . I'll still be lurking in the blogsphere and making comments here, there, and everywhere.



Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

I'll miss you around! But have fun reading and querying! :)

Scott said...


I'll still be around . . . lurking in the shadows! Ha! Kidding. I'm still reading/commenting on blogs. I'm just not doing any actual blogging of my own.

As for querying . . . I'm just working on getting the query ready. I probably won't query until next year, probably February, once I'm sure the manuscript is ready to go. Patience is allegedly a virtue. Ha!


Tess said...

oh, me too Scott. This time of year can be overwhelming. "See" you after the first!

Robyn Campbell said...

YAY for reading and getting that query finished. Oh and fun, fun, fun synopsis time. I could give you some blog posts, BUT. NOT. hehe

Hugs my friend. :)

Hey. El Titans are STINKO! hehe

Dolphins just need a new coach. It's not their fault. No, no, no.

careann said...

It's not a bad time of year to be taking a blogging break. Always lots of distractions in December anyway. I hope you make good progress on finishing the query and synopsis, and polishing the manuscript. In between all that surely you'll have a little time for egg nog and reading! Take time to enjoy Christmas, too. You'll be that much more refreshed for your writing when the New Year arrives.


Scott said...

Tess – I’ll still be around, but probably not posting. And, I’m always on FB, so you can keep up with my adventurous (ha) life there!

Robyn – it’s been a while since I’ve immersed myself in reading. I just finished re-reading the last Harry Potter, and am about a 1/3 of the way through Book 3, with Book 4 on the way in Tad William’s series, plus I’m about to order another book by another author. I found a great post on doing a 1 – 2 page synopsis yesterday, so I plan, probably tonight, to review that info and rework my synopsis. Joy of joys. Ha! Oh, and I think we need a new coach as well. It’s always the same excuse, every single time. Geesh.

Carol – I have the rough of the query done, and a start on the synopsis (see above for more on that). I have the logline done, complete, finished, and approved by a fellow – published – writer. So, some time for reading, polishing, and a bit of egg nog as well.


Jody Hedlund said...

Hey Scott!
I understand the busyness and need for a blogging break! I've been struggling to keep up with everything. Hope you have a great holiday season and come away from it refreshed and ready to write!

Jon Paul said...

Happy Holidays Scott! And thanks for being so groovy!