Friday, July 16, 2010

Writerly Stuff

Well, the work-week, at least for me, is over. Four days, including today, off! Woo-hoo!

This week, as far as writing goes, has been a hodge-podge of stuff: work on hook, work on query, write query for project that is only in rough draft stage, and jot down ideas for future project.

In order of appearance . . .
  • Work on hook - still working, but getting there. It's not so easy to sum up an entire book in one sentence. It's possible, just not easy and . . . whine, whine, whine!
  • Work on query - I've pretty much written the rest of the query. All that's missing is the hook and then it's off for critique.
  • Write query for project that is only in rough draft stage - yes, I did. I was on a roll and figured I'd practice on another project. Inspiration hit and I dove right into that shimmering pool of . . . raspberry flavored Jell-O. Yummy. Okay, it wasn't raspberry flavored, but this is my delusional little world after all . . . The hook for this project was a heck of a lot easier to come up with, as was the query. Yes, everything will change between now and the ready to submit stage of the manuscript.
  • Jot down ideas for future project - Inspiration is a clever little . . . witch . . . at times. I just never know when she is going to strike. She happened to strike while I was driving home from work on Tuesday. Geesh, she could at least wait until I got home, but noooooooooo . . . so, at traffic lights I jotted down ideas. In between traffic lights, I kept repeating the ideas over and over so I wouldn't forget them. Geesh! Well, this future project, probably way down the line, will be my first attempt at a mystery. Okay, might not be so far down the line, but definitely not in my immediate future.

What am I going to do with four days off? Well, the bathrooms need cleaned, as does the rest of the house. Fun, fun, fun. I just live to scrub toilets . . . NOT! My days off will be a mixture of writing, reading - I'm on Book 4 of Harry Potter, hope to finish it and start Book 5 - cleaning house, and just relaxing.

This weekend will also mark Frank's and my sixteenth anniversary together. Dang! 16 years! I sometimes wonder how we survived and then I remember: we work different shifts! Ha! In real time, we've probably only been together a couple of years! Still, they've been some of the best years of my life and I wouldn't change a thing. Okay, maybe a smidge change here and there, but nothing major.

Have a great weekend.



Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

I can't wait to see your hooks when you have them ready! If you want an extra pair of eyes, I'm always willing to help if you'd like. Not sure if I'll be much help, but I'll put that out there. :)

I just cleaned my bathrooms last week. Last week sucked.

Scott said...

Michelle - I'll definitely take you up on your offer. I worked on the hook some yesterday. I don't know why I'm having so much trouble with that particular hook. I've written the hook and query for another project in rough draft stage, and I wrote the hook for a project that I began yesterday. But can I write a hook for the project I want to query? Noooooo! Ha! It'll come in time and I'll send it, and the full query on to you! Thanks!