Monday, May 17, 2010

A Query That Works

No, not mine! Geesh! But, hop over to Janet Reid's Query Shark site and check this out as well as Janet's comments.

My thoughts: if I were an agent I would have passed on the book. Then again, I'm not an agent and have enough trouble with my own query, so how in the heck would I recognize one that would make Janet (or any other agent) get so excited. SIGH!

I'll be back posting on a regular basis a bit later this week, possibly tomorrow. I'm still trying to dig out at work from being gone last week. Never fun. Trust me on that!

This weekend I finished two books . . .

Nick Nolan's Strings Attached and Mary Higgins Clark's The Shadow of Your Smile. I also started reading Kira Henehan's Orion You Came and Took All My Marbles. It's a very odd book, with a distinctive voice, and . . . that's about it right now. I'm not that far into the book.

I did some research on agents and a bit of note taking on two different projects. I hope to dive back into the writing pool tonight and get back to the things that need doing. Of course, Franklin is on vacation this week, so my nightly ritual will get all screwed up. Ha! I'll just send him upstairs to watch a movie while I work. As long as he's well fed he pretty much leaves me alone. Now, the boyz (Jesse and James - the dogs) and Squeaky (the cat) aren't so easily taken care of, but I'm sure I'll figure something out.



Paul Michael Murphy said...

Darfur and climate change?

Eck. Plus, aren't those issues sort of so 2005?

Scott said...

Paul - I know. I thought the same thing. I'm thinking it's more the clarity of the query versus the subject matter. I guess this just proves that we'll never know what's going to make an agent say "yes".