Friday, April 30, 2010


Okay, it's FRIDAY!! Woo-Hoo!

Okay, I don't have a major earthshattering post today. Sorry, meant to, but the week kinda got away from me and . . . NOTHING!

So, I'll give you a little bit a this, a bit of that, and then that's about it!

Progress - still doing a lot of thinking and note taking on my urban fantasy. I wrote the opening paragraph and section one of Chapter One. I've sent it off to Lady Glamis for a quick read because I knew she was excited about the concept. Other than that, not much done on that.

Reading - currently reading The Help. Love it. Very good book, not too far into it yet, but this weekend is going to be filled with rain so I have a feeling I'll be spending time on the couch with The Help. Ha!

Movies - just signed up for Netflix and can download movies through the Wii, so plan on catching up on a movie or two at some point this weekend.

Social Activities - margaritas tonight, it is Friday after all, plus another social obligation as well. Dinner Club tomorrow night. Nothing Sunday. Life goes on no matter how much time I want to spend at home writing. I do have to make occasional social appearances just to let people know I'm still alive. It's my duty, after all. Ha.

Garden - well, it's raining this weekend, so I won't get to work in my garden, but it is flourishing. All six tomato plants are growing and have blossoms on them. Yummy tomatoes in my future. The basil has doubled in size and the zucchini and squash plants are bursting out everywhere. I've also planted nasturium which is an edible plant - both flowers and leaves - that keeps away the squash bugs. It's called companion planting. Marigolds have also been planted in the garden since they keep away these little pesky things that like to feed on tomato roots, and the basil keeps away flies and mosquitoes. See, dropping by my blog today wasn't totally useless. I passed on some interesting tidbits of knowledge that might help you win a trivia contest one day.

Writing - I hope to complete Chapter One of the urban fantasy this weekend and get back to the word elimination of the other project, which I also need to depersonalize a bit. What do I mean about depersonalization? Well, I'm glad you asked. Okay, you didn't ask, but . . . There are certain scenes that are too specific to a certain period of time. Those scenes need to go MIA or at least become neutral enough that they could occur in any time period, and not the year I wrote the rough draft for the project. Yeah, I could leave those passages in and have some editor tell me to remove them at some later date. But, I have this fear that some agent, after requesting a full, of course, might pass on the project because of the time period specific scenes. So, while I'm eliminating words, I might as well tone up a few other things in the project.

How about you? What are your weekend plans? Anything exciting? Comment away.

Have a great weekend!



Lady Glamis said...

I woke up to a 1/2 inch of SNOW outside. UGH! Tomato blossoms. You make me SICK. UGH. Where is summer? Or even just spring???!! Whaa!

Okay, done crying.

Sounds like you have a great weekend lined up! I plan on working on Cinders some more, and I will get to reading the piece you sent me soon! I've been a little buried. :)

Scott said...

Lady Glamis - between you and Tess. Ha. Keep the snow your way. No rush on reading what I've sent you. I have sooooo much to do on that project it's not even funny. I've already decided to take one of the main characters in a different direction so I need to rewrite her section. More work for me. Ha.

beth said...

I *loved* reading THE HELP. Have you got to the pie yet? *snort* That is such an awesome.

Tahereh said...

sounds like you'll be busy this weekend!! i've been moving so i'm living in and out of boxes. i need to get organized! :D i hope you get a lot done with your WIP, though! sounds like you've got a great story in there :D

best of luck with all you do!
have a fabulous friday!

Jemi Fraser said...

It's been a weird and wacky week here too. Hoping for some downtime this weekend :)