Monday, March 23, 2009

Janet Evanovich . . .

. . . makes me laugh. Well, her writing (in a very good way) makes me laugh. I just recently (yes, I know, way behind) began reading the Stephanie Plum series. Book Two - absolutely hysterical. I love Grandma Mazur. She's a hoot. OMG, I could not stop laughing.

Book One, Three & Four - the laughs were more sparing, but too dang funny. I just never knew when some line would come across that would make me laugh out loud. My poor partner kept saying "you're making an awful lot of noise in there". Did I care? Heck, no, the lines were too funny. Sometimes, I'd read the line over and over again. Laughter is the best medicine, after all . . . well, it's a close second to margaritas!

So, if you need an easy read with lots of LOL moments - then pick up Book One (One for the Money) and keep reading. The books are a hoot.



~Jamie said...

I LOVE me some Evanovich! She inspires my writing daily!

I just read your critique on 1000 words over at MSFV and you suggested I start at the fourth paragraph... you are nothing short of brilliant!

Seriously... that's fabulous! Thank you EVER so much for that! I LOVE it now! Thank you again for your amazing critique.

Anonymous said...

I love her stuff, too! The second one was meh, but the rest of the series? Lots of fun.

Scott said...

Booklady - I'm only up to Book 5, but I found the humor in Book 2 absolutely hysterical. Grandma just makes me laugh. So far, every book has made me laugh out loud . . .and that's a very good thing.