Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sing Them Home

Stephanie Kallos' (Broken for You) new book Sing them Home has been released. The first chapter made me cry. Heck, I sobbed through the last third of Broken for You. I'd better stock up on tissues before I immerse myself fully in the book. From what I've read so far - EXCELLENT! Oh, well, there was the one typo on Page 30 . . .

Did I ever mention I cannot stand finding errors? What are editor's for in the first place? Okay, it was a small typo, easily missed, and I've made similar mistakes with my writing as well. It happens. Everybody makes mistakes. The mistakes, however, should not end up in the final version of the book . . . which is why I read through my drafts constantly to find any tiny little errors that might stop the flow of a potential reader once I am published.

Now, does the little error take away from the brilliance of her writing? No. Does the error take away from my reading flow? Yes. Will I stop reading because of the one little error? No. It just sort of grates on my nerves when such a little error is not caught somewhere between the rough draft and the final publication process. Have computers made us far too lazy? Yes. Should someone have caught the error? Yes. Am I going to tell the readers of this blog what the error was? No. I gave you the page number (30). Now, if you're reading carefully, before you finish page 31 you'll find the error. I'm just saying . . .

Also, please, please, please don't take this post as detrimental toward the brilliance of Stephanie Kallos. I absolutely adore her writing style. As I mentioned, I make mistakes with names, with words (there vs their - not intentional, of course, just the fevered pitch of brains and fingers), and other things. I normally find these mistakes as I do the various read throughs of my projects. I just think that someone should have caught this error before the book went to print.

Okay, I'm done for now. I am thoroughly enjoying the book.



bookworm said...

ironic that in your screed about bad editing you made an error yourself: "What are editors for in the first place?" is what you meant--no apostrophe. Guess we all make mistakes sometimes! :)

Scott said...

Yes, we all make mistakes! My whole point is that somewhere, in one of the gazillion editing processes, the mistake should have - at least in a semi-perfect world - been found by someone. It's one thing for a writer to type "there" instead of "their". In most instances, that is not going to stop the reading flow. When a character name is suddenly changed . . . well, the flow stops, at least for me. : )

Marjorie said...

I saw that error as well: "What are editor's for in the first place?" What amazes me is that after it was pointed out to you, you did not correct it. (haha)
My blog (marjorie-pentimentos) is a memoir. I am going to self-publish it because I have a better chance at marrying Zac Efron than I do at finding a literary agent.
Yes, I am old enough to have written a memoir. It's all behind me.

Scott said...

Yes, I left the error intact. Why? I'm really not sure. I think, mainly, because it demonstrates how easily errors are made . . . and the fact, that I don't have an editor (other than myself). : )

Marjorie said...

I was a 6th grade teacher for 34 years and I am now retired. If you need short passages edited, feel free to send. I have nothing but time... from now on.
The most common error is the formation of the possessive of a proper name ending in 's.'
wrong: Mr. Ross' book
correct: Mr. Ross's book
wrong: Paris' TV show
correct: Paris's TV show
Also, it is: "couldn't care less," not "could care less" and it is 'supposed' not 'suppose' (as in: what are you supposed to do?)